Africom Launches Paid Mobile Broadband Services

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Today Africom officially unveiled its paid mobile broadband services through adverts in the press and an email sent today to subscribers using the services for the one month free bandwidth promotion. The email basically tells subscribers to pay by 23 October or get disconnected.

Only the MiChoice package has been launched so far. The package offering is just as we revealed to our readers on Monday; US $15 for 1GB data (update: excluding VAT). In comparison to what the Zimbabwe telecoms giant, Econet, is charging for 1GB (US $98), Africom’s price is by far a preferable alternative.

Here’s the full text of the email from Africom:

The promotional period for mobile broadband internet has come to an end. To continue enjoying service, please visit our shop at Block 3 Tendeseka Office Park to activate your account.

To do this, please bring your modem as well as $15.66 (excl VAT), which the monthly subscription for 1GB of data*

The deadline for account activations is Saturday 23 October  2010; after which service will be terminated for all users who have not activated their accounts.

For your convenience, our shop will be open this Saturday the 23rd of October until 1300hrs.  We look forward to seeing you.


  1. taribabe

    Nice, really nice and affordable too. Big up Yoself Africom

  2. Sinclair

    it is still pathetic that you can not reach their website (at least not from any connection I tried) to see what coverage they offer of there are any other packages available

  3. Mr Disgusted

    pathetic. how can they offer new services when their current services are so poor. try using their services in Bulawayo and see. wont be bothered with the mobile broadband. will wait for powertel myselfr

  4. tungie

    does Ecoweb have a website???

  5. tungie

    does africom have a website???

  6. Kabweza
  7. Kabweza
    Has been unavailable for weeks though

  8. Tapiwa

    Does anyone have actual speed test results for Africom in Harare. I ask because I, like at least another 1000 people will be moving to Africom in the next few days because Econet is just unsustainable and I’ll only use like 5mb/week from it to keep my phone synchronized to me e-mail box. What a blunder econet has made because winning us back after this absurd price scheme is gonna cost them an arm and a leg!

  9. Belingwe

    That should at least say something to the hungry econet people. 2 bad some of in remote areas has no option but to buy the 1 gig @ $98. It makes econet a daylight robber.
    Crazy cant even understand how its 3 bundle packages differs.

  10. Carol

    It will be nice to have a website that actually exist not just in the newspapers…….Don’t you think Africom?

  11. HH


    I agree…. It’s more like Africom’s Marketing folks, are way ahead of their Technical Department.

  12. Lloyd

    I don’t have alot of faith in Africom. I interact with them on an almost daily basis and they are nigh on useless. I’ve been with powertel for almost two years and I’m very impressed. The downtime is negligible, and despite being very expensive compared to Africoms charges and Econets previous charges. For unlimited mobile internet they just have no competition in Zimbabwe.

  13. Marvin

    What is the maximum speed that one can get from africom coz for me it seems to be 40kb/s but they had assured me of 1mb/s. I’m not impressed.

  14. Lawrence Mhizha

    Cool service i have to say reasonable pribe and all but can i use a phone such a nokia n90 as a mordem with Nokia PC Suit

  15. Marvin

    No way jose, you cant use anything other than their modem to connect to the internet.

  16. kamu

    africom is better than econet

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