The long wait ends, NetOne’s OneMoney finally launches a debit card

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This evening, Techzim attended a NetOne event at which they launched the OneMoney ZimSwitch enabled debit card.

You might be asking yourself what OneMoney is because last you checked their mobile money platform was called OneWallet. Well, OneMoney is a ‘OneWallet come back’ (hopefully). In more formal terms, OneMoney is OneWallet rebranded.

I initially called it a come back because in all of OneWallet’s 6 years of existence, we never heard of a debit card or anything like at all, it’s only now when it’s OneMoney that we finally get to behold ‘One’; but still, that’s like 3 years after EcoCash and Telecash launched their own. So hopefully the rebrand will not just end up a flop like the last time

Nonetheless, last week we wrote about the OneMoney debit card and basically pre-emptied the functions of this new card. Maybe I could just add that since the debit card is ZimSwitch enabled, it then means it is integrated with ZIPIT. ZIPIT allows for interoperability between multiple banking platforms, 19 to be precise plus Telecash… oh and now EcoCash (to a certain extent since it’s a one-way transaction).

So maybe the question now would be, was this worth the long wait???


  1. Anonymous

    The timing is not that great. Surely the country is struggling with grappling cash shortages…and they decide to launch a mobile money service? I dont know…Time will tell!

    1. Sinyoro

      Am sure its more to do with mobile money and plastic money (debit cards) hence the right time though a bit late but tats what the marketing is looking at, how to transact cashless

    2. Anonymous

      Do you have an intermediary to help you?

  2. muvig

    Wish was possible to pay into ecocash from onemoney becoz I use netone fusion, some accept ecocash if you don’t have cash (those without Swipe machines)

    1. Arno

      Do you mean buying ONEFUSION via ECOCASH?

    2. Albert Turner

      With you can buy airtime from any network via EcoCash, try them and you won’t be disappointed

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