NetOne Revises OneFusion Bundles Again

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So NetOne has revised their OneFusion offering once again! A few months ago the network operator made the data bundles less appealing after a scandal and this was followed by a mass exodus! They have done it again and whilst there are some improvements it seems like there’s bad news for the most part.

Here is what the old One Fusion package was offering:

OneFusion PackageWhatsApp (MB)Data Bundle (MB)On-net (mins)Off-net (mins)SMSValidity
OneFusion 3100 MB125 MB164157 days
OneFusion 5175 MB250 MB2594030 days
OneFusion 10460 MB1.1 GB1302510030 days
OneFusion 20600 MB2.3 GB2505025030 days
OneFusion 50900 MB4.5 GB68012570030 days
OneFusion 1001.1 GB9 GB1200260150030 days
OneFusion 1501.3 GB13.5 GB2000375250030 days
OneFusion 2001.5 GB18 GB3000500350030 days

Over time NetOne has slowly made the OneFusion less appealing and it will be interesting to see whether people stick around. The offering is still more reasonable than Econet’s but over time the package has gotten less appealing which might point to the futility of promotions as subscribers come for those and leave as soon as you end them or revise them.

Daily, Weekly & Monthly bundles

NetOne has also revised their internet bundles along with a new set of WhatsApp bundles. Here are the daily bundles:

PriceData MBValidity
$1250 MB24 Hours
$21000 MB24 Hours
$32000 MB24 Hours

Weekly bundles:

PriceData MBValidity
$1757 Days
$21757 Days
$33007 Days
$56007 Days
$1015007 Days

Monthly bundles:

PriceData MBValidity
$0.502030 days
$14530 days
$210030 days
$317530 days
$532530 days
$1070030 days
$20150030 days
$30250030 days
$50500030 days

WhatsApp bundles

There’s also a separate set of bundles solely for WhatsApp:

$0.5035 MB24 Hours
$175 MB48 Hours
$2150 MBWeekly

These data bundles are structured similarly to the ones offered by Econet but they are a bit more expensive – though you get more data with NetOne so I guess you’ll have to be picking what’s more important to you.

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  1. Anonymous

    Very Very Old news!!!!!

  2. Susan de Clerk

    Your article is not showing clear explanations of the old and new changes. You inserted a pic at the beginning opf your article and in the story another presentation of tariffs. So which is which?

  3. Ed

    Don’t see the change

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