[Update] Which Internet Providers Have Restored Internet Access And What Can People Access

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So internet access seems to be getting restored around the country and depending on which mobile network or internet service provider you’re subscribed to you might have access to different things on the internet right now.

ZOL – ZOL seems to have restored internet access for everything else except for social media and WhatsApp. If you have a VPN installed you can access these sites but it seems there’s partial access.

TelOne – TelOne isn’t back online and being the biggest home internet provider, their lack of access means that a large portion of Zimbabwe is still in the dark.

NetOne – Just like it’s fellow government-owned company – TelOne- NetOne still doesn’t have access to the internet. Be it social media or just sites outside of social and WhatsApp.

Econet – It seems internet access has been restored for Econet subscribers but it seems whilst Facebook is working, access to Twitter and WhatsApp is still restricted.

Telecel – We are yet to confirm is the smallest mobile network operator (by subscriber base) is functional yet.


  • 1739pm: WhatsApp now working on ZOL without need for a VPN. Instagram still seems to be unavailable.
  • 17:41pm: Econet subscribers now have access to WhatsApp

There are some sources citing that VPN’s will be blocked soon which means the social media shutdown might go on for a few more days.

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  1. Lewis Chipunza

    No social media on Econet

  2. Anonymous

    vpn the way to go

  3. Heeeeei

    I am on ZOL with only Internet Access but no social media access. How can I take up the matter with ZOL because they illegally disconnected me, without even informing me? According to UN statutes, Internet Access is a human right, which my services provider has violated? If I do it alone I will be laughed at but if its Class Action then something is bound to give?ZOL subscribers fight ZOL and ZOL fights government? I am also not aware of a state of emergency having been declared to warrant shutting down Internet Access and violating my rights?

  4. doc bob

    zol user—got internet , watsapp @ 5-40pm, called/posted messages S.A.,N.Z &uk, by 6-15 no watsapp. still got internet hopefully, land line not in or out to uk

  5. Rowland R

    Pack of lies. No internet bankiing, social/business networks.

  6. Jay

    I’m on zol and social media,such as WhatsApp Facebook and Instagram etc ….. Aren’t working and VPN services won’t connect

  7. Anonymous

    using telone and a vpn zvese bho but its a bit slow

  8. a

    My proton Vpn has been blocked

  9. Stephen T Eagle

    Use orbot from playstore to unblock social media

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