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It’s Taken 9 Days For ZESA To Increase The Minimum Token Purchase Again

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On the 19th of October ZESA announced that the minimum token purchasable through EcoCash, OneMoney and other platforms was being raised from $10 to $20. 9 days later, on the 28th they announced that the previously announced minimum purchase would no longer be in use. The new minimum token purchase is now $50.

Considering that the moves come in such quick succession, one would expect that ZESA should have just made the jump from $10 to $50 if they knew that this was their intended destination. It seems as though this recent change might be why ZESA’s prepaid vending system was down countrywide yesterday.

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9 thoughts on “It’s Taken 9 Days For ZESA To Increase The Minimum Token Purchase Again

  1. Absolute nonsense the price goes up rapidly and the service just as fast downwards I can’t for heaven knows how long download galaxy apps have to do them in public areas where there is wifi and still to this day nothing done am I the only one with this problem

    1. Please note that each time a change is being done the study teen has to be configured and various stakeholders also have to change. The problem is poor planning by ZETDC. Inconveniences are caused. At one local bank to avoid increase in traffic after failed purchases they completely shut down the channel and thats clever as customer frustration due to queries can result in dissatisfaction and inactivity.

  2. Point of correction, it is econet which announced the minimum purchase increase from $20 to $50. I just bought my $20 token yesterday and got 46 KWh.

      1. It’s quite possible.It means it was his first purchase for the month and first 50 units in a calendar month are charged at 43cents per unit. The next 150 at around 97c and excess of 200 at $3.91. 6% goes to REA.

  3. Yes thats very true, 1st 50 units u buy @$21.50 coz its $0.43 per unit, then the next 50 units to 200units cost $0.96 per unit,
    so it goes like this
    1st 50 units u will buy at $21.50
    2nd 50 units u buy at $48
    3rd 50 units u buy at $48
    4th 50 unints u buy at $48
    so 200 units goes for $165.50
    after this u will be charged $3.99 per unit as long u will be still buying for the same month
    of which yo $48 will be buying 12 units only

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