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TelOne announces second stage to network upgrade

TelOne internet bundles packages

TelOne, this past weekend, announced that there would be a network upgrade in order for the ISP to meet the demand for internet services. The initial announcement from TelOne slated the network upgrade from midnight on the 3rd of October to 03:00 October 4th. The network upgrade, unfortunately, didn’t end at the time that the TelOne had said and the company released a statement on Sunday saying that the process was still ongoing.

TelOne has, in a statement, announced that there is going to be a second stage to the network upgrade:

Client Notice

Network Upgrade Update

We wish to advise our valued clients that we shall be carrying out the second stage of the critical network upgrade from midnight on the 9th of October 2020. We expect to have completed this delicate exercise by 8am on the 11th of October 2020.

The upgrade, which began last weekend is intended to improve our network capacity and the quality of experience on our Broadband service.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.



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5 thoughts on “TelOne announces second stage to network upgrade

  1. I don’t hold my breath for better service or for them to complete when they say! They oversubscribe on customers which is something they promised they would not do when I was enquiring and having the installation done!
    Unfortunately it is something in common with most service providers in Zim be it banks or internet – far too many clients far beyond what their systems are capable of. Add to that the poor competence of support staff that I have seen and re seen means that so called upgrades most often are actually downgrades or take way longer than promised.
    Its a total disaster all around and they are effectively lying to and/or defrauding customers because they don’t fulfil the contract they would have promised and the consumer has no power!

  2. My question still stands. What is going to happen on our lost data since we paid and we r experiencing poor network. Our data is going for nothing.

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