EcoCash warns customers of account hijacks (again)

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EcoCash has released a statement warning customers to be vigilant especially where it concerns account hijacks or takeovers:

Public Notice Warning: Guard Against Fraud

EcoCash is aware of reports of fraud, where unsuspecting EcoCash customers have lost money to criminals using false identities after they harvest customers’ mobile phone numbers from social media platforms such as WhatsApp.

EcoCash wishes to assure the public and our valued customers that the EcoCash system has NOT been hacked and remains safe and secure.

EcoCash urges customers to be vigilant against fraud by checking the identity of people they send money to and by not sharing their EcoCash PIN with anyone.

EcoCash further urges customers to report all suspected cases of fraud to the police, to Ecocash through the SMS helpline 0771 222 114, or to EcoCash’s nearest channel partners.

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The statement put out by EcoCash looks like the same they put out a while ago when the EcoCash WhatsApp US$100 million scam was at its height. In that instance, there were criminals who were stealing identities and taking over EcoCash accounts through illegal Econet sim swaps.

Adding on to the warning published by EcoCash here are a couple more things that you should be mindful of:

  • If your line suddenly goes dead, as in no network, bars or reception, for an extended period of time you should go to your nearest Econet Shop. Or if this is beyond working hours, use Econet’s WhatsApp and Web platform or contact them on social media. If you live with someone who has an Econet line, contact EcoCash customer services as soon as possible.
  • Should a friend or loved one ask in a group for an EcoCash transfer in the form of a plea for help, forex deal or anything else. Please call them to make sure that it is indeed the person you know.

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  1. Imi vanhu musadaro

    Surely, there must be more to this than just identity theft followed by SIM replacements. To replace a SIM you are there in person and there are questions asked that only the SIM user would know. Those answers are not easy to gather through any form of reconnaissance, without raising suspicion.

    This is what leads people to think of it as an inside job of some sort, or a hack. Even if someone replaces your SIM, how then are they getting your contact list quickly.

  2. tinm@n

    Good for you to alert people, but you fall short at being helpful

    You mention an Econet WhatsApp number, Social Media and Web platform, yet fail miserably by not including those essential details.

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