Meet Dawa Health the startup fighting to reduce maternal mortality

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Dawa Health

Late last week the Telecel Group and Startupbootcamp Afritech announced the finalists for its Africa wide accelerator. Among the chosen few is a Zimbabwean startup called Dawa Health, which offers antenatal care to expecting parents.

Their field of interest is especially important because pregnancy-related deaths are caused by insufficient antenatal care. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), two-thirds of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable and antenatal care is a primary component. Furthermore, Sub-Saharan Africa and Sothern Asia accounted for 86% of maternal deaths worldwide in 2017.

Dawa Health is stepping in by offering information through a chatbot, antenatal care kits, and has established a network of Community Health Agents to assist expecting mothers in remote areas. The was co-founded by Tafadzwa Munzwa and is operating in Zambia and we got a chance to speak to him.

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