ZERO DATA: Techzim is now free, no data needed!!

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Now you can access Techzim even when you don’t have data. For now, this is only possible on the Econet network but we hope to extend this to NetOne and Telecel in the near future.

Important to note

  • If you have a general mobile data bundle, accessing Techzim will use that bundle first. This is an Econet thing.
  • If you have airtime in your phone, make sure you have switched off out of bundle browsing. If you don’t switch off out of bundle browsing, Econet will also use up your airtime first when you access Techzim. To switch off out of bundle browsing please dial *143# on Econet. We will share the full steps at the end of this article.
  • You will not be able to access videos that may be embedded in some of our articles. However, you can get Techzim videos via our WhatsApp platform by simply sending the word ‘video’ to WhatsApp number 0717 684 274.

Perfect way to buy all network airtime and ZESA

Accessing Techzim for free is cool in that it gives you easy access to buy NetOne, Telecel and Econet airtime while paying with EcoCash or OneMoney. You also get to pay for your ZESA easily as well as other services.

PS: How to switch off out of bundle browsing on Econet

  1. Dial *143#
  2. Select Option 7: Account Services
  3. Select Option 3: Out of Bundle Browsing
  4. Select Option 2: Do not allow
  5. Select Option 1: Yes

If you are not sure whether or not your out of bundle browsing is off, just follow the steps above. There is no harm in switching it off even when it was already off.


  1. The Last Don

    So there’s a devil’s catch inside. Why use data in the first place?

  2. Tkayz

    I’ve waited for this for so long thank you soo much Techzim

    We continue to support this great work

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    can you SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel


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    That’s great Tech Zim grp , I will continue to support you services

  5. Anonymous

    That’s good news.. But however guys how far Ha tunnel yangu ikujamuka.

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    thats good news..Ndokumbirawo masettings eHA Tunnel🤣

    1. Toxic hub

      Ndomadawo eHA tunnel

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      Haaa chinenge chavharwa chisinhi ichi ini I’m failing to connect.

  7. Pangaz.Com

    Good news of the day

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  8. Imi vanhu musadaro

    Commendable effort. Hopefully, Econet will improve the number of hoops visitors have to jump through to actual benefit from this.

    I assume the same processes apply for other zero rated websites, but none seem to mention the nitty-gritties.

  9. Tanaka Kombera

    Great work guys I have always liked your content and up to date material keep up the good work

  10. Toxic hub

    Ndomadawo eHA tunnel

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    HA Tunnel inenge yakavharwa




    way to go TECHZIM, you are setting the PACE we see you….

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  22. Kumbie chitwn

    We need a techzim app with zero data for convince sake

    1. Caasi

      We’ll do something 😉

  23. Bongani knox

    Techzim, you are the best guys keep it up I can now read news daily without any hustle of data bundles. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time

  24. Sean V R

    How long does a transaction take to process , I have a ref number but no pin for Zesa
    And is that zim $ or US$

  25. Joe

    Thanks for Zero rating

  26. Anonymous

    Could you guys do an articles on the benefits and disadvantages of zero-rating. Would also be interested in which ISP/ASP offer this opportunity. Also how one goes about applying for their website/app to be zero-rated

  27. Andrew

    I have never experienced this service, it has never worked when l don’t have data

  28. EbSparco

    Are there any online hosts for free browsing eco zw as from today?

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