Why aren’t Ex-Jap car owners charged half price for radio licences?

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If you own a second-hand car imported from Japan (ex-Jap) then you know that you can’t access certain radio frequencies in Zimbabwe. At best you can get two maybe three (depending on where you are) because the FM frequency in Japan is between 76 – 95 MHz.

This led us down a rabbit hole of what decisions like the adoption of vehicles and other goods could have on the local ecosystem. We figured that the issue with ex-Jap cars has affected the listenership of certain radio stations that fall outside of the preset range. Also what it could mean for those stations when it comes to ad revenue because there are a lot of Ex-Jap cars on the road and many listeners will be bottlenecked into certain stations.

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  1. Imi vanhu musadaro

    They aren’t charged half price, because the law states that a licence is required for any device capable of receiving the local spectrum of radio signals. There’s no requirement that the device should cover the whole licenced spectrum. It is that simple.

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