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Buy NetOne bundles with your EcoCash wallet via *405#

*405# USSD EcoCash NetOne Bundles Airtime ZESA TelOne

On top of buying airtime, ZESA tokens, TelOne packages, Telecel, Econet and NetOne airtime via *405#, you can now purchase NetOne data bundles via your EcoCash wallet. All you need to do is to:

*405# USSD EcoCash NetOne Bundles Airtime ZESA TelOne
  • Dail *405#
  • Choose a language
  • Pick option 3 “NetOne, TelOne and Econet Bundles”
  • Select the carrier (In this case, NetOne)
  • Choose the bundle you wish to purchase
  • Enter the NetOne number you want to buy the bundle for as well as the EcoCash number
  • Confirm the purchase or you can go back if any of the numbers are incorrect
  • Tap OK to proceed, you’ll get a pop up asking for your EcoCash pin and you’re all set.

You will receive an EcoCash purchase confirmation and your NetOne data bundle will be credited to the number you selected. As earlier mentioned you can buy ZESA Tokens, TelOne internet packages, NetOne, Telecel and Econet airtime via *405#.

If you have any issues with your purchase please contact Techzim’s Customer Support Staff via WhatsApp +263 71 506 8543. Help us spread this convenience to all the people in your circle who need it!

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10 thoughts on “Buy NetOne bundles with your EcoCash wallet via *405#

  1. The issue is that you are still providing EcoCash only as a means of payment why not let people choose the method of payment besides EcoCash add OneMoney and TeleCash as well.

  2. Bought $71 bond airtime for my netone 0716606772 using ecocash 0774706073 but my netone airtime has nt reflected kindly see to it that i receive my airtime

  3. Hi Techzim! Is there a way you can transfer airtime to other networks. Let’s say Econet airtime to Netone?

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