Telecel will be increasing bundles prices tomorrow

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Telecel Zimbabwe, bundle prices

Telecel has followed in the footsteps of Econet by announcing that it will be increasing bundle prices tomorrow (30th of July 2021).

“To our valued customers, please note we will be reviewing our SMS and data packages, effective on the 30th of July 2021. Remember to stay safe. T&C’s apply.”

Telecel on Twitter

Econet increased bundle prices by around 20% from what they were previously, so it will be fascinating to see what the Telecel ones look like. It is after all the smallest MNO in Zimbabwe and they might want to capture as much of the market as they can with competitive prices (within reason of course).

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  1. Big Boss

    I long to see Telecel network improving and match its competitors. They offer good cheaper data packages but their 3g network is slow and not to mention the frequent network difficulties we always encounter.

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