If you install Windows 11 on an unsupported PC, you will not get updates

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Windows 11

Windows 11 is coming out on the 5th of October, just over a week from now and Microsoft is making final preparations for its official release. One such preparation involves making those who try to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware agree to special terms which makes it clear that if they do go ahead and install Windows 11 on their PC they might not be able to receive updates from Microsoft.

To install Windows 11 on old hardware you have to agree to this

Microsoft seems determined to make sure that people don’t install Windows on older hardware that doesn’t meet their minimum requirements for Windows 11. They have been employing all sorts of tricks including kicking people with unsupported hardware off the Windows Insider Program. It might seem like they are being petty but there is a reason for this.

People with poor low-end hardware often blame Windows for being slow even when it’s not Microsoft’s fault. Forcing people to upgrade their hardware to meet minimum requirements ensures that they at least have a comparable or decent experience when using Windows 11. It also reduces Windows’ support burden and allows them to ditch legacy code and focus on innovative features without worrying about whether this will work on older PCs.

You can always install Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Being a Linux evangelist it would be very remiss of me not to at least mention it is an option that you have. Linux Distros like Ubuntu and Linux Mint are quite user friendly and easy to set up. It’s a lot easier to install Ubuntu on your laptop or PC than it is to install Windows. You can even install Ubuntu or Linux Mint alongside Windows and choose which OS you want to boot into during startup.

I am always telling people that these days it doesn’t really matter which OS you are using as long as you can install Google Chrome. Most of the stuff we do and need is in the cloud. If you are an accountant for example you can use Sage or QuickBooks in the cloud so there is no need for Windows support. You can use Office 365 or Google Workspace and so much more.

Your OS just sits behind the scenes unobtrusively facilitating your desires. There was a time when desktop apps ruled the roost and this was a big reason for you not to install Linux but those days are long gone. Ubuntu 20.04 will be supported for the next 10 years so, 2030 inenge ichipo!

Ubuntu will also run much faster than Windows 11 will ever will on your old Hardware. You can do that or just keep Windows 10 which Microsoft has said they will keep supporting and updating.

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  1. Rant

    What Microsoft doesn’t seem realise is that lots of people can do without their disruptive forced updated. Yesterday I endured 2 hours of Windows 10 trying to install updates and then undoing then after it failed to do so. My PC it’s unsupported for Windows 11, I’ll upgrade just to stop the updates. I already use Pop OS as my main OS; I just need Windows to play my favourite games, nothing else.

  2. Just Another Guy

    Personally I’m a Windows Disciple I doubt any new trick ponies that pop up will change that. Anyway I have a policy to get rid of my devices (laptop/phone) after 4-5 years anyway so if means getting a new laptop for windows 11 then so be it.

  3. Scorched earth

    Haaa, Ubuntu worshipper. The title is about Windows. I’ll get a new pc than install Ubuntu or that Linux crap. No harm intended ☺️

  4. By Ginya

    Will “repairing” an installation with an updated ISO work? I think I did something like that years ago and ended up with the upgraded OS version number. If that isn’t an option, I guess people who care enough will have OS partitions or drives that they can periodically wipe for clean-installs.

  5. dimar

    Who cares, I’ll update when new iso gets released.

  6. Minster of Computer Technologies

    Amazed by Zimbabweans commenting here and y’all know your this sh*t to the dot. Bless Up ….I’m beggining to picture Zimbabwe not so ancient after all…

  7. Joko

    @Minister they is nothing to be suprised about even a teenager knows how to instal an operating system I can bet that most of these lads had to first go to university so that they could be able to instal an OS 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  8. Grandpa Rick

    Joko instal anoiswa double L so install.

  9. Alex Windows

    I have successfully installed windows 11 on a Core i5 4th computer with 4GB of RAM. It is used for office work and good entertainment.

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