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ZOL is now offering MARS ambulance rescue with internet packages

MARS Ambulance, ZOL

Local internet service provider (ISP) ZOL has announced it is now offering Medical Air Rescue Service (MARS) through monthly internet subscriptions. The service is open to all ZOL customers be they on pay-as-you-go or uncapped bundles.

MARS subscription via ZOL costs ZWL$171.00 or US$2.00 per month. To get on the plan you’ll need to sign up by completing a consent form at your nearest ZOL outlet.

Interested parties will also need to complete a MARS form for registration as well. Once that is all done you’ll be all set. Service coverage (road ambulance services) will be for limb or life-threatening emergencies anywhere in Zimbabwe with the exclusion of COVID-19 evacuations.

ZOL also mentioned that its sole responsibility is to receive payments on behalf of MARS. This means that any emergency would have to be directed to MARS and not ZOL.

This is brilliant from ZOL

If you have ever tried to create a subscription-based service in Zimbabwe then you’ll know what a good move this is from the folks at ZOL. It is difficult for companies to retrieve debit orders in the same way your Netflix or Spotify does with your USD prepaid card.

In most cases, you’ll have to manually perform the payment online or visit a branch. What ZOL has done here with MARS, embeds that same sort of convenience we are lacking and puts it with something a good number of Zimbabweans use (internet).

Here’s to hoping that ZOL doesn’t stop here and integrates more services into its orbit. I can imagine there would be a lot of people who would be interested in their medical aid packages worked in this manner.

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    1. ZOL doesn’t fall under ecocash holdings, it falls under Liquid Intelligent Technologies which is a separate registered entity in Zimbabwe

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