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Here’s how much you will earn/win in the TelecelGo Points promotion

Telecel, TelecelGo Points, Telecel Rewards

On the first of April, Telecel launched the TelecelGo Points promotion which is along the lines of the rewards program mobile money operator EcoCash has been running for some months now. The promotion looks like an attempt by Telecel to claw back some of the ground the mobile network operator has been losing over the years.

Telecel currently sits dead last in all of the metrics that POTRAZ measures for MNOs. The country’s smallest MNO is now looking to emulate what EcoCash did in response to RBZ regulations.

When the promotion was launched there weren’t many details about what the money to points structure was going to be like. All we knew was that you earned points for every ZWL$20 or more you recharged as airtime.

TelecelGo Points, Telecel Rewards

Now, we have the full points spread and this is how much you will earn in points in relation to how much you recharge as airtime.

Recharge amountsPoints earned
$1001 – $200015
$2001 – $350025
$3501 – $500040

How much a point is worth when you redeem it for data, call time or SMSes

ProductsRedeemable values (per point)Validity
Voice Onnet (mins)27days
Voice Offnet (mins)17days
Data (MB)107days

So if you spend ZWL$600, for example, on airtime you will get 7 TelecelGo points which equate to either, 70MB of data, 35 SMSes, 14 on-net minutes or 7 off-net minutes. I don’t know about you but that’s a pretty decent offer.

How to redeem points

You can redeem your points using Telecel’s *156# USSD and you can only do so after you have accumulated 10 or more TelecelGo points. Furthermore, at the end of every month, if you accumulate 20 points or more, you’ll be entered to win a share of ZWL$65 000:

  • 1st Prize of ZWL$30 000
  • 2nd Prize of ZWL$20 000
  • 3rd Prize of ZWL$15 000

At the end of the promotion one lucky Telecel subscriber will walk away with ZWL$50 000.

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