What’s going on at Telecel? Customers say voice & data services have been down for days

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Telecel service disruption

Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator (MNO) Telecel has been on the fritz over the last few days. Telecel customers have been reporting that voice and data services have been on and off or down completely, and some have been unable to reach the company’s customer services lines.

Yesterday Telecel released a message to its customers on social media that read as follows:

“Telecel would like to sincerely apologise for the disruption of service our customers are currently experiencing. Our engineers are working flat out to rectify the problem as soon as possible”

Telecel on Twitter

The lack of a timeline for the restoration of service is what has the Telecel customers we have spoken to are most concerned about.

We reached out to Telecel to get information about the service disruption but we haven’t heard back yet.

Update: Telecel’s repsonse

“Good day. Please note we are currently experiencing challenges due to recent upgrades which we are working on. Our very sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

Telecel on Twitter

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  1. Pala

    But who has ever given a timeline on restoration of services before?

    1. Tkayz

      No one but the phrase “Working tirelessly” to other MNOs means tirelessly working but at Telecel mahwambi murambi

      Once saw an Article here when it was stated that Telecel ine 1 mota & 1 engineer for the whole of Manicaland soo in other words

      Whatever that is happening at Telecel its soo soo bad

      Wish it would try involve some local youths especially on Network issues since they are short staffed and give them some other benefits cz hmu zvakaoma in Mutare magetsi akaenda akadzoka we spent about 1 week or soo ichibata 2G network wozoona kaMota kakukwidza paBooster after tatove mu 3g and the cycle continues bla bla

      The end is endless but mahwani

  2. Sir B.V Ngulube

    I personally rely on Telecel for data usage. The works that I do need more of internet connection fulltime. Speaking now, the network is still at 2G and I cannot even download anything on WhatsApp.
    Please, if this can be resolved as sooner as possible, may the responsible team do it for the good of every Telecel network user.


  3. Yess

    My phone has been switching on BT eveyday. What’s the prob?

    1. Polkadot

      ikutsvaga connection it’s common, nothing to fear haidye moto.

  4. Obert

    Telecel is in such a sorded state due to none payment of vendor support fees leading to ZTE, Huawei and Comviva shutting off services, All this emanating from Makamba, CFO and CEO having diverted all the foreign currency earnings from the company’s international services towards his failed political come back campaign to topple Munangagwa resulting in Telecel failing to meet its foreign and local statutory obligations. That CEO also has no clue running that company, as reported in one article about telecel where a former board member Francis Mahwindi wrote a damning report of the CEO and CFO’s incompetence and further recommended there immediate dismissal, besides attending to Makamba’s political requests to topple Munangagwa and Kazembe and going to Ministry road shows to spie on behalf of Makamba while keeping herself in power over an ailling network she is not the best foot forward for Telecel’s survival. Lastly the CFO is also a fake bookkeeper masquerading as Charterd Accountant, only placed to protect and siphon money for Makamba and G40 in South Africa at the same time lining there pockets while living lavish, Currently employees are saying the CFO is now based and working from South Africa where Makamba was based and also funding G40 to topple Munangagwa. Telecel has also faced a lot of skills flight to competition resulting in poorly equipped and trained engineers and graduate trainees running the end of life network. Given this background how would you expect a network to run efficiently under such a regime of leadership.

  5. Chokwadi

    Tercel yagara marara. The network is frustratingly slow. I can’t get 4g or enen 3g on a telecel line. Marabishi chaiwo.

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