NetOne’s 5GB ZWL$1,000 University bundle is a bargain for students

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State-owned mobile network operator NetOne was on a launching spree towards the end of last year. The company entered the domestic remittance game with OneRemit and launched a gaming platform. To cap off the year NetOne announced the launch of a University only 5GB bundle that goes for ZWL$1,000.

“Here’s another exciting innovation for our learners from NetOne. Introducing “Dzidzo E-Learning Platform” Buy a discounted bundle of 5Gig for ZWL1000 Register your NetOne number with your University today and start enjoying zero-rated access.”

NetOne on Twitter

Cheaper than a regular monthly bundle by far

This is a really enticing deal for students because it’s cheaper than the 5GB monthly bundle which goes for ZWL$4,400. The only catch is that bundle is limited to 7 days whereas the equivalent bundle lasts 30 days. Even if the price is spread over the month students will get 20GB at ZWL$400 cheaper than going for the 5GB monthly bundle option.

As far as access goes, NetOne’s 5GB University bundle is being offered only to Midlands State University (MSU) students. All they need to do is to reach out to your University admin (or click the link here), register your NetOne number and you are all set.

We reached out to NetOne customer support on Twitter to hear what the restrictions of this bundle were. And we were told that there are no limitations to the bundle, it works much the same way as a normal data bundle.

So, if there are any MSU students out there and you have tested this bundle out, we would really be interested to hear about your experience.

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  1. Murambatsvina

    In terms of network connectivity this Network operator that you call Netone is messed up .Just imagine yesterday I bought an hourly bundle at 10 pm thinking that it will be the time when network congestion will be less but to my surprise I couldn’t even open Facebook lite .That was my hard earned $175 going for free .I slept with stress after that .I know 175 is less money but it was the last from my rarely credited bank account .So even if they are cheaper ,a week will go by and you would only have used 1GB of data .In Masvingo city they don’t even have 4G stations and on top of that no network . These ones should just stick to calls and SMSs Broadband is not their thing .
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you . Econet never disappoints .

    1. Big Boss

      Econet has it ups and downs but it’s way beyond Netone’s level in terms of consistency in good network reception. It’s so sad that their hourly bundle is available only over the weekend and that has the potential to congest the network

  2. Original Zimbo

    I digress but what I need to say isn’t completely unrelated. I have been working on a plan to launch a small scale mobile network in Chiredzi to service my community with a localized intranet with localized apps but Alas ! As soon as I put in an application to POTRAZ, they told me Spectrum was in short supply, meaning we can’t have any more MNOs… even localized ones. This is quite sad as I intended to use SDR tech which is much cheaper than what our current incumbents… I just wanted my community to enjoy iOT services at a Zim level price but it seems our regulator is actively protecting these incompetent MNOs.

    Vale wangu, I’d be excited if you can look into why there’s no more spectrum as POTRAZ says … Is it a credible claim or just another plot to protect incumbents cause this means we can’t possibly have new innovators in the Mobile space and its worrisome.

    1. Valentine Muhamba

      Thanks, I’ll definitely take a look into this.

      1. Big Boss

        Thanks chamhamha. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. We need spectrum to develop 😭

      2. Anonymous

        A press release by Dr G.K Machengete was how they announced this. I received it around 19 Nov 2021. The Notice was titled Moratorium of licensing of certain Radio Frequency Dependent Telecommunications Licensing. Maybe that’ll help you narrow it down. I will try type the whole notice here.

  3. D1vant


  4. Anonymous

    Isn’t there a way whereby Telecel can be absorbed by either Netone or Econet because I really don’t think they are worth their salt.

    1. Anonymous

      I’d rather see a situation where another MNO that’s not Econet or Netone do that aquisition like MTN but I don’t see that happening cause then we are busy protecting Vana Econet vacho.

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