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NetOne vs Econet; battle of the US$1 promotions

Econet NetOne US$1 promotion bundle

So it would appear that Econet and NetOne have coinciding US$1 bundle promotions that are said to be offering value for that elusive hard currency. Here’s a side by side of that the two are offering:

Econet’s  “Dhola Chete Super bundle”NetOne’s “Dollar A Day”
Voice15 Min (not stated On Net or Off Net)60 Min (On Net)
SMS15 40
Data 150 MB
Other PerksFree calls between 00:00 to 04:00

The interesting thing about the two separate packages is that NetOne is more focused on traditional methods of communication (SMS and Voice). While Econet is taking the more modern approach, by spreading out over everything including the very popular data offering. I’d like to think that both decisions are based on internal statistics, however, on the face of it, Econet looks to be closer in step with the times. We all know that data has been a major hit during the pandemic despite the cost of bundles going up for what seems like every other month. It is strange that NetOne has not upgraded its “Dollar a Day” to also include data.

On the other hand, NetOne might just be on to something because smartphones and feature phones are not ubiquitous. There are a lot of “Mbudzi” phones out there and a package that includes data might be useless for NetOne’s “target market”.

So who wins?

In the vacuum of the US$1 promotions, it totally depends on your use case. If you want some data, then Econet is probably the way to go and if you don’t have a feature or smartphone NetOne ticks all the boxes. I’d very much like to hear where you lean on this one in the comments. Do you think Econet has the better promotion or its NetOne?

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8 thoughts on “NetOne vs Econet; battle of the US$1 promotions

  1. kkkkkkkk don’t make me laugh,of course both “PROMOTIONS” are annoying to me.. I want Data and Econet offering a paltry 150MB ?,netOne isn’t good on Network ,& they don’t seem to be offering data,so I won’t really benefit from either “promotions”.To me they’re both useless & I won’t buy

  2. Who am I talking to between 12&3:59 am, locally? With any slim chance I am talking at this ungodly hour, I’d rather talk with socials not traditional.
    Econet, why waste a dollar on a 24hr period when I can YoMix myself to a custom combo of my choice?

  3. It’s a welcome development but with the number of years, i have been loyal to Netone i deserve more. Up your game.

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