Telecel’s ZWL$400 Megaboost is pound for pound the best budget bundle in Zim

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When it comes to combo (data, social media, voice and SMS) mobile network operator bundles there aren’t as many options out there as customers would like. The only choices on the market are Telecel’s MegaBoost and NetOne’s OneFusion bundles. Market leader Econet on the other hand doesn’t have one that comes close to what its competitors are offering. I mean YoMix is kind of their answer to that but that’s a story for another day.

We all know how expensive data is these days and how we are slowly being kraaled into the popular WhatsApp bundle. It’s honestly surprising that the year didn’t kick off with an announcement of an impending data price hike.

All of this means that most people are looking for the greatest value for money when it comes to an MNO designed combo bundle and out of all the three mobile network operators, Telecel’s ZWL$400 MegaBoost is the most bang for your buck out there.

Best budget bundle offer by some distance…

The bundle offers, 30 Telecel to Telecel minutes, 10 minutes to other networks, 100 SMSes, 100MB for WhatsApp and the same amount for Facebook and a general data offering for other apps. This puts it way ahead of what NetOne is offering with its cheapest OneFusion bundle.

ZWL$400 MegaBoostZWL$550 OneFusion Lite
Off-Net Minutes 105
On-Net Minutes 3015
SMS100 5
WhatsApp100MB 90MB
Facebook 100MB
General Data100MB 180MB
Valid for 30 Days 30 Days

When it comes to calling minutes it’s not even close. Data on the other is a lot closer but the omission of another social media app has Telecel winning on this one.

Facebook might not be everyone’s favourite social media app but according to POTRAZ and Zimstat’s 2020 ICT Access by Households and Individuals Report, Facebook was top of all the other social media platforms in the “Private Purpose Use of a Mobile Cellular Phone” category at 16%. While Instagram, Twitter and other social apps came in at 4.2%, 3.9% and 0.5% respectively.

So at the very least, we can assume that Telecel knows the market. The only thing that could make Telecel’s Megaboost better is if it capitalises on TikTok’s rise worldwide. The social media site surpassed Google as the most used last year and there are plenty of Zimbabwean creators on the platform with a very strong following.

The elephant in the room

As good as this all is, Telecel’s biggest problem is that has the lowest market share of mobile data infrastructure across all the mobile network operators. So if you don’t live in an urban area, network coverage is going to be an issue.

Hopefully the system upgrade Telecel undertook over the festive period is a sign that things are looking up for the country’s smallest MNO. Econet and NetOne sorely need the competition.

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  1. Tae_Trinity_N

    I love the Mega-Boost Bundle it is indeed a major Best All in One Combo package, it’s really a great investment for the low income people like me, more reason to reasonable and affordable even through One-Fusion and Mega-Boost all work the same way,Mega-Boost has the upper hand in terms of value on Voice calls, Data and SMSs the only difference is that One-Fusion has no Facebook benefits whereas Mega-Boost has Facebook benefits.Moreover One-Fusion is valid for 30DAYS whilst Mega-Boost is valid for 60DAYS as it allows roll-over particularly Mega-Boost for ZWL700 has Unlimited WhatsApp texts feature and One-Fusion doesn’t.Puting that in mind Mega-Boost is totally unmatched considering the majority standard social communication is WhatsApp so i suggest people should buy rather Mega-Boost worth ZWL700

    1. Hope

      sr Ni fmpmldm |STD

      1. Last

        dszghzkk nzm

  2. ZUPCO

    Telecel has got its ups and downs but I ain’t leaving it. Its data packages are stella despite its poor network strength

    1. Tae_Trinity_N

      Likewise, I have been a loyal Telecel Subscriber for over a decade now, because of their value offerings on their Bundles.

  3. BEIT

    The only problem I’ve ever had with Telecel is the data connectivity. I’m in one of the Harare surburbs but eish, it’s on Edge right now. Push to at least 3G infrastructure guys

    1. Anonymous

      They do have 3G, just lock your network mode to 3G only

      1. Mdluli

        What about 4G?

        1. Anonymous

          Yes it has 4G but it’s still limited more coverage is in process

  4. Isaac

    Ok so Telecel is one of the best in terms of pricing. Why not ZOL though?

  5. Mdluli

    Does Telecel has 4G yet?

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