This local startup is offering coding & robotics courses for kids

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Kids Pro

A local startup called Kids Pro is offering programs from computer programming, robotics and electronics courses to kids ages 7 and up.

As Kids Pro we aim to impart this knowledge to young eager learners from ages of 7 going up. We have different programmes covering electronics, programming and robotics. The learning environment is an interactive fun environment which helps students master teamwork as well as collaboration skills. The course is a hands on
experience which also assist learners in discovering more on their capabilities and enhances their problem-solving skills.

Kids Pro

It is really encouraging to see that there are so many startups out there who want to give children early exposure to the possibilities of technology. If you have been around Techzim for some time then you’ll be aware of Impact Hub Harare and Maker Club who also offer similar courses. The former recently announced that it’s Coding for Kids course is back this August.

I really like the competition that is emerging in this space of edutech. Parents and students will have a plethora of courses to choose from which vary in cost, when and where they are held

As tech advancements continue ever since Africa has been importing technologies from neighbouring continents. This is not because Africans are not smart or innovative enough. The result is lack of exposure. The best way to master innovation is through understanding the fundamentals. Most graduates learn these fundamentals at University level. If these fundamentals are introduced and understood at a tender age, we sure would have more innovative engineers.

Kids Pro

Kids Pro says that it works with different schools for the program and they also say they have introduced their courses at very affordable fees. The starter course goes for $40 per month and it takes 6 months to complete. The intermediary course goes for $50 per month. It takes 6 months also to complete. The advanced goes for $60 per month. There is no time frame for the advanced course as we will be working on different projects and objectives throughout the course.

Furthermore, the folks over at Kids Pro also say that they have weekdays as well as weekend sessions. For more information you can reach out to Kids Pro with the contacts below:

  • Telephone – 0732875759 / 0732888851 
  • Email – 
  • Facebook with the link here
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