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53 metric tonnes of electronic waste worldwide, Zim needs to do its part

Science, technology and innovation have become fundamentals in solving problems that shape our planet, our people, prosperity and peace. The past decades have witnessed the prominence of technology in the social, economic and political as well as many other spheres. Technology companies have invested substantial resources in research and development as they adapt to market […]

2021: Year in review, major tech news highlights

Another one bites the dust, well almost. We are counting down the hours till we bid 2021 adieu. Goodbye and good riddance methinks. 2021 was the sequel to 2020 we did not want but got nonetheless. The year may have been a downer but like all dark clouds, silver linings can be found. Let’s look […]

Zimbabwe’s VID should follow South Africa’s lead and start issuing smart plastic licences

During this week I visited the VID premises in Eastlea. It had been years since I did so and back then there was not much to like about the place and the experience. I was curious to see if anything had changed. I am glad to say while the place still looks ancient, like you […]

Africa’s newest consumer electronics expo is just around the corner

One of Kenya’s fastest-growing consumer electronics platforms Gadgets Africa has partnered up with East Africa’s media powerhouse, Nation Media Group, to launch the Vifaa Tech festival which is akin to the international consumer electronics expo CES or like the perennial AfricaCom. “Consumer technology and electronics brands are celebrated, criticised, and appreciated in the US, SE […]

Can technology save Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has a lot of problems, from food security, service delivery, transportation and more. Can technology address some of these problems?