Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

ZETDC installs its first smart meter at Harare Poly. But what is a smart meter anyway?

ZETDC has started setting up smart meters and Harare Polytechnic College was their first site to use it. We got to check out its highlight features like network connectivity and remote monitoring and control. These smart meters are pretty important if we are to dive into the age of smart grids that ZETDC is working […]

The crazy tech at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

Congratulations to Argentina! What a final that was on Sunday where everything literally went down to the wire. What was even more impressive was everything else happening behind the scenes on and off the pitch. The sheer amount of tech there was almost unfathomable complete with a ‘smart ball’ that the players were playing with. […]

Breaking into tech from a non-tech background. Some easy ways to get started.

So I get a lot of questions from people who ask me, Tari, where did you study Computer science? I always shrug and laugh at this question, because I have not or at least not yet done studies in Computer studies. This doesn’t mean I won’t register and do this at some point but this […]

Black Friday Tech deals in Zimbabwe! Up to 58% off

The week has arrived and banks left right and center are reminding us that they have Visa and Mastercards that can buy stuff online. Black Friday stuff. Well before you go on Amazon maybe you want to check out some deals available in Zimbabwe starting 25 November 2022. Up to 58% off on some products. […]

Aruba HPE and Solution Centre partner up for one of the safest IT solutions on the market

So IT is in an exciting phase right now. When we look at the transition of a lot of businesses from paper-based systems to digital systems you’ll see a lot is going on in that space. And as soon as data goes digital, we start to get networks that enable us to access and use […]

CIMAS is now ISO/IEC27001:2013 certified. What does that mean?

On the 28th of September 2022, at a low-key but decidedly fancy event, CIMAS Health Group unveiled their ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification. That’s a lot of letters and numbers that I didn’t know but that matter very much to CIMAS. A quick Google search tells me that this standard, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 (a mouthful, to be sure) specifies […]

How leading companies save money (and our planet) with these sustainable IT practices

New technologies and IT have never been more crucial for successful business operations, but there is a downside. This essential equipment generates substantial carbon emissions and waste, contributing significantly to the climate change crisis. The upside to this, however, is that IT and technology assets can be a good place to start for organisations looking […]

The iPhone 14 Pros are great. Don’t buy the regular 14s

Apple just dropped some fresh new hardware and we have quite a lot to talk about. And we will waste no time and jump straight into the iPhone 14s because there are a lot of interesting product decisions Apple made. iPhone 14s Remember the iPhone 6 and the first intro of a bigger iPhone with […]

This local startup is offering coding & robotics courses for kids

A local startup called Kids Pro is offering programs from computer programming, robotics and electronics courses to kids ages 7 and up. As Kids Pro we aim to impart this knowledge to young eager learners from ages of 7 going up. We have different programmes covering electronics, programming and robotics. The learning environment is an […]

Move aside multiple rates & economic downturn. Zim is going to space next month

The economy is in a tailspin, there are three or more exchange rates out there and civil servants are severely underpaid but we are going to space next month everyone! Yeah… I know, for most of you this really isn’t news because this whole Zim space adventure thing is something that has been rumbling for […]

Computer Society of Zimbabwe is hosting a cyber security, digital forensics & robotic automation winter school

The Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) is hosting a Winter School programme running under the theme “Navigating the Digital Securely”, from the 29th of June to 2 July 2022 at Holiday Inn, Bulawayo. The CSZ Bulawayo Chapter Chair, Percy Sibanda, who is the convenor, said that the event is a capacity-building programme on Cyber Security, […]

AfricaCom 2022: the biggest Africa-focused tech conference is back!

The world’s largest Africa-focused technology and telecommunications event turns 25 this year and is set to return to Cape Town, South Africa in November after a 2-year digital hiatus. Africa Tech Festival, home of AfricaCom, will welcome exhibitors, delegates, and policymakers from all over the world from 7 – 11 November 2022, to continue shaping […]

Hillcrest ICT Expo: drones, FOOD, rugby and supercomputers

Over the weekend, Hillcrest College hosted its annual Winter Fair and Tech Expo. The event was well attended with companies like Liquid Home Utande Old Mutual Fusertech Precision Arial Axis Solutions Zimbabwe Centre for High-Performance Computing and more exhibiting their wares in the Eastern Highlands. Students and attendants were treated to a show from all […]

African women your time to rise in technology is now

Our lives have gone digital. From the products we use daily to the content we consume online, tech companies are increasingly influencing the direction of humanity and creating the solutions of the future. But for far too long we have lacked female voices in tech and the time has come to remedy that. Advances in […]

53 metric tonnes of electronic waste worldwide, Zim needs to do its part

Science, technology and innovation have become fundamentals in solving problems that shape our planet, our people, prosperity and peace. The past decades have witnessed the prominence of technology in the social, economic and political as well as many other spheres. Technology companies have invested substantial resources in research and development as they adapt to market […]

2021: Year in review, major tech news highlights

Another one bites the dust, well almost. We are counting down the hours till we bid 2021 adieu. Goodbye and good riddance methinks. 2021 was the sequel to 2020 we did not want but got nonetheless. The year may have been a downer but like all dark clouds, silver linings can be found. Let’s look […]

Zimbabwe’s VID should follow South Africa’s lead and start issuing smart plastic licences

During this week I visited the VID premises in Eastlea. It had been years since I did so and back then there was not much to like about the place and the experience. I was curious to see if anything had changed. I am glad to say while the place still looks ancient, like you […]

Africa’s newest consumer electronics expo is just around the corner

One of Kenya’s fastest-growing consumer electronics platforms Gadgets Africa has partnered up with East Africa’s media powerhouse, Nation Media Group, to launch the Vifaa Tech festival which is akin to the international consumer electronics expo CES or like the perennial AfricaCom. “Consumer technology and electronics brands are celebrated, criticised, and appreciated in the US, SE […]

Can technology save Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe has a lot of problems, from food security, service delivery, transportation and more. Can technology address some of these problems?