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Victoria Falls Now Has Crypto-Currency Coin; Problem Is, It’s Not Clear Who Exactly This Is For

A UK-based Zimbabwean Lawyer, Prosper Mwedzi has created the first ‘tourism-focused’ cryptocurrency in the country. VicFalls Coin is a crypto that he hopes will be used in the tourism sector, particularly in the Victoria Falls Community (both in Zimbabwe and Zambia). Though the coin seems like a grand idea on the surface, there are many […]

Sports, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Watches. There Is A Deep Connection In This Crazy Week

If you’re reading this on Techzim, there is a very good chance you are not really into sports. We can all agree that there is some truth in the stereotype that the technologically inclined (geeks and nerds) do not really get why sports are a thing. If you indeed are one of those indifferent to […]

Golix Reduces Time It Takes To Withdraw From Wallet To EcoCash

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Golix is drastically reducing the time it takes to process EcoCash withdrawals from 24 hours to a single hour. The withdrawal function allows traders to move money from their Golix wallet to other banking services including EcoCash. From Monday 26 March, when you withdraw money from Golix to EcoCash those transactions will […]

Bitcoin’s Price Swings As Twitter Considers Banning Cryptocurrency Adverts

Bitcoin’s price plunged below $7000 and then rose up amid rumours that Twitter is following suit to Facebook and Google in banning cryptocurrency related advertisements. According to Sky News, this policy change could be enacted in two weeks time. Facebook was the first of these Sillicon Valley giants to take this step in January, followed by […]

One Transaction Of Bitcoin Mining Uses Enough Energy To Power 27 Homes For A Full Day: Shocking!

With all its glamour of being a decentralized currency and appreciating in value to over $20 000, you probably didn’t know Bitcoin’s mining process consumes a lot of energy. Mining basically is a competitive process in which different users(miners) on the bitcoin network get into a race to add a transaction record to the system(blockchain). […]

Learn The Basics of Blockchain This Weekend at The Blockchain Festival

There is a Blockchain Festival the whole of this weekend aimed at educating the public about how Blockchain works. Apart from teaching the basics, the event will also focus on explaining deep concepts like writing smart contracts. Venue The event will be held in Pomona at Telecontract (Pvt) Ltd, Stand 475 Pomona Industrial Complex Fee […]

Google Bans Cryptocurrency Adverts, Bitcoin Drops Price

Bitcoin prices briefly fell below $8000 in the past 24hours in response to news that Google is planning to ban the advertising of cryptocurrencies. Google’s move is similar to Facebook’s January announcement that banned ads on binary options, Initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies. This latest news maybe a result of cryptocurrencies that have emerged in […]

Keeping Your Bitcoin On Exchanges Like Golix, Styx24 Or Coinbase Is Not A Good Idea

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies were created to give you control of your money. But when you store your bitcoin on an exchange, what’s the difference from just keeping your money in a bank which does not give you control of your money? So, it stands to reason that when you store bitcoin on an exchange […]

Someone Could Be Mining Cryptocurrency Using Your Computer: Here’s How To Stay Safe

You are probably aware of the buzz that has been surrounding Cryptocurrencies of late. What you may not be aware of is the fact that people are mining cryptos remotely from browsers and other apps. Website owners and app developers have resorted to use of cryptocurrency mining scripts to use the CPU power of visitors […]

Golix User Accounts Compromised

Please note that we have changed the title of this article from the previous one which said Golix had been hacked because Golix reached out and said the platform itself had not been hacked but some of their users had their email accounts compromised which is technically different. Zimbabwe’s most visible cryptocurrencies exchange, Golix, has […]

Earn Money For Your Selfies On This App

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain are buzzwords that are hitting headlines for good and mostly for wrong reasons. Against that background, I am curious about a new social network platform that claims to reward users for sharing photos. Is it another scam or is it for real? The new offer is from a platform called SELFLLRY […]

Meet The New Crypto Exchange To Challenge Golix: Styx24

There is a new cryptocurrency exchange in town: Styx24. The exchange aims to break Golix’s monopoly as the only crypto exchange in the country. Styx24(pronounced Sta-i-x) is a cryptocurrency exchange platform and currently it allows registered users to trade in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash. They went online a week ago and had a user count […]

Another Bitcoin Scam Takes Advantage Of Over 27 000 Cryptocurrency Investors

Over 27 000 Bitcoin investors have been victimised after investing in BTC Global. Most of the victims were South African but the scam reached Australia and Canada. How did this happen? BTC Global was asking investors to send their hard earned coins to an online wallet address. They managed to entice investors by promoting a master […]

Beware Of Bitcoin Scams That Promise A Quick Buck

A recent article from The Sunday News sparked my curiosity about scams concerning cryptocurrencies. The story in question states that a former maid in South Africa is now making $15 000 every month after joining Bitcoin Club Network(BCN). The story caught my eye not because a maid was making money but it reminded me of pyramid […]

Zim Bitcoin exchange, Golix, goes down for hours

Golix, Zimbabwe’s only cryptocurrencies exchange went down for several hours today. It was down since early hours today (we found out at 5AM) and has just been restored. We’ve reached out to Golix CEO, Tawanda Kembo and he’s told us they were having an issue with their hosting provider. “We were offline  because we had […]