Cabinet dissolved: Out with the Old, In with the New (we hope)…

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I’m sure we’ve all been following the events that have been happening in Zimbabwe, how we now have a new president and all.

With that, constitutionally it then means that the previous cabinet becomes nullified. The constitution states that the occupation of the presidential office by a new candidate renders all ministers’ offices vacant, meaning the terms of office for all ministers automatically come to an end.

So as it stands we have no ministers nor ministries so to speak since they have all been automatically dissolved.

However, acting ministers have been placed on critical ministries. Of the 25+ ministries that existed after the reshuffle on the 9th October 2017, only two have been declared as critical i.e. the ministry Finance and Economic Development; and the ministry of of Foreign Affairs. Hon Patrick Chinamasa is acting minister of the former while Hon Simbarashe Mumbengegwi is the acting minister of the latter.

This might be indication enough that Hon Patrick Chinamasa will not be returning to his former (controversial) ministry of Cyber Security, Thread Detection and Mitigation. But do we need it? I know there was already a lot of talk around this ministry, even more once the government revealed that it indeed was what we had feared it would be, a social media clampdown ministry.

This is the time to fix that.

If we are to have the ministry of  Cyber Security anyway, then it better be worth a ministry. It can’t and should not just be about social media if at all. Secondly, it would really be appreciated if a more tech savvy minister is appointed to head it.

This is not the only ministry we are worried about as Techzim (in terms of relevance to what we do). We obviously care about the ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier services. This one is likely (if not obviously) going to be retained, unless or otherwise. However, there’s still a chance that it could be expanded or reduced. Also, a new minister could be appointed to head it. Would you want Supa Mandiwanzira again or someone else? If someone else, who and why?

We also care much about each and every ministry that has ta bearing on the economy, whether the ministry of Finance and Economic Development itself or the ministry of Industry and Commerce (or however it comes back as) etc. We are done with this cash crisis, 3-tier pricing and the bond notes. Oh yes, especially the bond notes. Most could not enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday simply because the banks now recognise all their hard earned money as only valid locally hence no international payments can be enabled using that money.

However, we have high hopes based on our new President’s inauguration speech (you can call me naive that’s okay). President Mnangagwa promised to address the following: Economic Policies and Economic development; Financial Services and Liquidity; Re-engagement with other Nations; and Foreign Investments. So yes we look forward to the respective ministries to be efficient in re-building the country’s economy.


  1. Faniso

    Shouldn’t this ministry of cyber etc be under the ICT ministry anyway? It seems to me that it should work as a branch of the tech ministry. #MyTwoCents

    1. joseph t muchichwa

      I do agree, some of these ministries are indeed a duplication of some sort

  2. joseph t muchichwa

    We need thministry of Finance and economic development, true, no question about that. my query as stated by Cde Faniso (remember we are all walk veterans now), if we have a ministry of Industry and Commerce, arent we duplicating the same thing again. Just like you pointed out, ministry of Information bla bla bla and ministry of cyber security wat wat. I think this needs to be addressed.

    On an equaly important note as Zimbabweans, lets work with our presidents and support them, advise them wenever we can, this is our nation and as you know, every successful team plays for the coach, lets support our leaders, this one in particular seems to have hit the ground running.

  3. Ash

    Sure some Ministries need to be merged and Cyber chakadaro should be under ICT

  4. 5ol

    you guys must just stick to Tech and leave the gossip to H-Metro…

    1. Trycolyn Pikirayi


  5. Mercy

    bad move with Chinamasa being moved back to Finance Minister. We need someone from MDC to sort out this cash crises with Bond notes taken out of circulation immediately. Ahhhh we just in the same boat. As we all knew we would be. We need a unity Govnt to sort out this mess. Who is going to want to invest here?

  6. Anonymous

    dokora must be removed from his ministry we a against his culture and his introductions to school does not materialized

  7. Pri

    Supa must not be allowed back at the ICT Ministry. His corruption in that ministry is legendary, where he used his position to line his own pockets and those of his cronies. There are files in existence on him detailing some of this theft. If ED wants to lose votes, he must just appoint that thief to cabinet. He only got in because of his rekationship with Mugabes anyway, where he was a Babamunini.

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