Netone Introduces It’s Own SMS-based Service That Gives You Fuel Availabity Updates

Whilst YoMix’s Fuel Finder is still enjoying it’s praise, now there’s a new service which does just that which is being offered by Netone in partnership with Zim411 Classifieds. Netone sent this text to its customers:

Want to buy/sell something? Want to get fuel availability updates via SMS? Its simple. SMS help to 362 to start using Zim411 Classifieds. SMS costs ZWL 0.10.

The service, which costs 10c, is offered through SMSs so it means even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can get fuel availabity updates.


As you can see, apart from fuel updates, on can use the service to buy or sell stuff- which is perhaps mimicking of Econet’s Bid Buddie. It’s not yet clear how one can sell or buy things using this service or how exactly the fuel availabity updates will be provided. But don’t worry, I’ll be a guinea pig for you to see how the service works.

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