NetOne Working On Its Own eLearning Bundles

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NetOne is reportedly partnering with TelOne and UNESCO to create an eLearning bundle that improves access to remote learning at a time when the cost of data has been one of the biggest hindrances to students trying to learn virtually.

The new bundle will reportedly be slightly cheaper than what Econet is offering for eLeaning at ZW$250 for 20GB and students wanting to buy the bundle will be able to do so at NetOne shops – if they produce student IDs.

This is more flexible than Econet’s approach which places the burden on institutions – asking them to provide students numbers and making the payment on behalf of students. NetOne’s approach (if they go down that route) might result in queues at their shops – at a time when gatherings are discouraged due to COVID-19.

Sources closer to the situation said that Great Zimbabwe University is one of the institutions that will be adopting this bundle and was working with NetOne in early-phase testing. A few weeks ago we came across a circular that alluded to GZU plans for eLearning. The circular was from the school directed to students, but unfortunately, we couldn’t get confirmation from the school to confirm its authenticity.

NetOne representatives we got in touch to confirm when the bundle thats in the works could be announced didn’t respond to request for comment at the time of writing.

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  1. violet

    can i use netone dzidzo bundles on youtube

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