Econet Introduces A Cheaper e-Learning Bundle, Schools Buy It For Students & Teachers

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School kids on laptops

Econet is nobody’s friend right now after the more than tippling in the prices of some of their internet access bundles. The MNO is hoping to warm up to schools and learners across the country with a new bundle tailored for the current reality of students learning from home.

Here are the bundle options:

The average price per MB is below 2c.

To compare here is what the regular Econet bundles give you at similar price points:

How is this offer accessed?

Econet says only schools can apply and pay for their students and /or teachers. They need to have at least 50 different mobile numbers to which they are sending the bundle. Econet says:

Each school pays on behalf of its students/teachers/employees and collects money from parents or SDA’s. The school provides mobile phone numbers to be credited with the data bundles to Econet. So Econet only deals with the schools. However other options may also be considered.

Yea there’s still some bit of friction in how this offer can be accessed, hopefully it gets smoothed out. This probably means that the plan was put together quickly after the outcry of the price revision yesterday.

We of course look forward to the competition including fixed internet service providers responding to this. A little competition never hurts the consumer


What’s your take?

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  1. Aasher Svotwa

    thank you econet

  2. blessed

    Jus give us the code to buy these bundles on our own

  3. Masimba Munangu

    This is too much hustle, just give us a ssd code so that we can purchase on our own, this is ridiculous. How will university students cope with this considering their numbers. What about schools with hot sitting, or schools that have no available funds for this?.

  4. Tendayi Dzinoreva

    Are the learners in your picture using the Econet bundle you are advertising here?

  5. Lee -Anne Elms

    I agree with fellow parents ,give us payment detail we pay for our children ,the schools havent done anything about it ,please assist us

  6. Nathaniel mutungana

    Thanks e lot

    1. Provie

      Does anyone have a group link, it’s not done at our church

    2. Provie

      Do you have any group link

  7. Elder

    You guys should provide a code for these bundles because innocent students are being scammed out there

  8. Blesding Madimu

    Please give the revised bundle process as at 2 August 2020. Thank you

  9. Stiles

    so other schools are not even bothering to do tht ..why don you give us the code so tht we do it on our own

  10. Anonymous

    Vane vana varikuda student bundle ndibateyi apo +263779974759

  11. Deon Matsekete

    Hie can you give us a code to buy it our own plz thank you for your response

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