The cannabis growers licence fee is keeping Zim from a billion-dollar industry

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Cannabis Licence fee Zimbabwe

So earlier this week a German company called Amaetheon Agri was given a licence to grow Marijuana/Cannabis for scientific and medical use. This sparked an internal debate about the whole cannabis licence system in Zimbabwe.

The fee is exclusionary by design and this is a bad thing because the govt and economy could be making a lot more money if there were tiered licences ranging from recreational and small scale growers all the way to commercial operations. Cannabis is after all a billion-dollar industry, valued at around US$20 billion and it is projected to grow to US$70.6 billion by the end of the decade.

And another thing, why is there no growers licence for tobacco which is undoubtedly more harmful but there is one for cannabis which by comparison is not.

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  1. HM

    Mbanje dzingori kurimwa illegally. The licencing issue is for govt to raise money by participating in this cash rich industry. Its not a control issue. So the license fees have to be mari inotenga not sick money. When you get the license at least haurimi zvakahwanda. You are basically paying to fend off law enforcement.

  2. Kudz

    It’s not the license fee. We actually paid the fee. And abided by the laws. Corruption took over.

  3. Kudz

    It’s not the license fee. We actually paid the fee. And abided by the laws. Corruption took over. They wanted to put someone into a privately owned

  4. Disgrunted

    Thats what happens when a govt doesn’t have the people’s best interests at heart. Only a select few looting enthusiasts benefiting from every single ambush policy

  5. One Two

    I think that tobacco farming easily benefits small scale communal formats without some of the social ills that are geared in the marijuana space. Tobacco farmers therefore need to be registered (not necessarily licensed) otherwise the cannot easily sell their product.

    1. Every grower (as defined in the Act) of flue-cured Virginia tobacco is
    required to register in respect of every tobacco crop to be grown.
    2. The period of registration is for the 12 months ending on the 31st October in
    each year. Application for registration must be made after the 1st January
    and before the 31st October prior to the period for which application for
    registration is being made. Application for registration made outside of
    these dates render the applicant liable to pay a late registration fee as
    provided for in the Tobacco Industry and Marketing Rules 2000 as
    3. When completed, this form must be returned to the TOBACCO
    REGISTRATION OFFICE at either Regional Centres or at HQ-BOKA
    Tobacco Auction Floor,BOKA complex or post to P O BOX 10214, HARARE.
    4. Additional copies of this form and also the application forms for registration
    as a grower of all other classes of tobacco (e.g Burley Tobacco and Oriental
    Tobacco) may be obtained from the registering offices mentioned in
    paragraph 3 above.
    i. Recommendation letter from the grower’s local AGRITEX officer to
    confirm that the grower is a bonafide tobacco grower
    ii. Proof of land availability i.e. permit/land offer letter Or a
    recommendation letter from the growers local Councillor/Chief if in
    communal area
    iii. National Identification(original/certified copy)
    iv. Registration fee payable on submission of the form(in terms of Section
    26 of the Act).A late registration fee will be charged for registrations done
    after the deadline date(31 October of every year)