Econet says 20% bundle price increase was prompted by soaring operating costs

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Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s new data bundle prices take effect today (8 July 2021). And as you would have seen from the new tariff sheet there is a 20% increase in the prices across the board save for the Sasai Bundles which remained unchanged. The bundle price increase isn’t something that Econet did capriciously. The mobile network operator has said that the increasing cost of doing business caused the price hike.

“The bundle price adjustment is an average 20 percent uplift across the board, and is essentially in response to rising input costs”

Econet Wireless Spokesperson

The price of other goods and services has been increasing steadily over the course of this year due to Zimbabwe’s economic situation. In Econet’s case the company has bemoaned the 180% increase in the price for electricity as well as the creeping price of fuel between October last year and this month (Diesel going up from US$1.00 to US$1.30). On the whole, the Telecoms industry according to the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe’s (POTRAZ) saw a 34.1% increase in costs in Q1 2021.

“Our pricing review is designed to ensure viability of the business and ensure that we continue to offer a reasonable quality of service to our valued customers,”

Econet Wireless Spokesperson

The new prices according to Econet are still track behind what the company has to put in order to operate. That being said, Econet also remarked that the latest bundle price increase falls below the POTRAZ approved tariffs. Midway through last year, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority gave Zimbabwe’s MNOs the green light to steadily increase prices.

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  1. Madzibaba

    Getting on the internet here in Zim is fast becoming for the elite as data keeps on soaring to the sky.Potraz and MNOs your relationship should be towards a future that is sustainable and less burdening to the consumer…Ndatenda.

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