Dandemutande & Facebook launch Wi-Fi hotspots with cheap bundles & 30-mins free access

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Dandemutande Facebook Express Wi-Fi

Local internet access provider (IAP), Dandemutande yesterday held an event where it announced that it has partnered up with Facebook on its international Express Wi-Fi initiative. The program is a way to increase internet penetration by offering Wi-Fi services to underserved communities at affordable rates

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With Dandemutande on board, Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi will be made available to more people especially those in high-density areas. Dandemutande will be providing the internet infrastructure in a block of flats, for example. This equipment will be installed in a host’s household where everyone within 100 metres will be able to access the web.

In addition, Dandemutande is also looking to place the Wi-Fi Hotspots at restaurants, shopping complexes, schools, universities and hotels across Zimbabwe. At the launch event yesterday, Dandemutande’s CEO Never Ncube said that Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi hotspot was already working at Joina City and at 200 other locations in Zimbabwe. The goal for the program, this year, is to cover 600 spots.


Dandemutande and Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi will be working on voucher or bundles system. The prices are pretty affordable compared to mobile network operators’ private Wi-Fi bundles.

Data AllocationDuration Price (ZWL$)
500MB24 hours 65.00
1GB7 Days132.00
2GB7 Days265.00
5GB30 Days 662.00
10GB30 Days1,325.00

On top of this, the hotspots will also feature a 30-minute free access period. If you remember a while back ZOL discontinued its free Wi-Fi offering at its ZOL Spots. It was quite the blow for a lot of Zimbabweans who were only able to access high-speed internet through that free offer. It’s good to see that Dandemutande is bringing the 30-min grace period to its hotspots especially with how internet services have been in high demand during the pandemic.

The program also presents a number of unique opportunities for local businesses. According to Dandemutande CEO, Never Ncube, the Facebook Express Wi-Fi hotspots will allow businesses to place advertisements.

Companies will also be able to sponsor location hotspots and have their business name attached to the login page. Furthermore, businesses can become resellers of the bundles, in the same way, that NetOne‘s *519# offers a way for individuals and entities to purchase bulk airtime for re-sale.

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    1. Makuruwani

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      1. Anonymous

        Kwaaa XD

  2. Craig Kabwe

    My experience has been 30MB free not 30 minutes. Has that changed now?

    1. Wifi

      My experience was 20MB Free per 24 hours on Saturday @ Joina City.maybe it has changed


    Ye I agree their prices are quite reasonable,but they’re still high,on Weekends(everyday for NetOne) you can buy 1GB Valid for an hour for about $100,I mean that’s mobile data-You don’t have to worry about the Location of the Access Point,(in this case Dandemutande & Facebook’s Wifi hotspots are still limited).but generally they’re in the right direction though

    1. Alien98

      Your chances though of finishing a gig of data within an hour are close to zero. Especially if you are in an area with bad connection.

  4. Rogue-One

    first of all fix the issue of availability of the services then we can discuss the rest later, we know the prices will head for the moon down the line.

  5. Dennis

    Why are is it Facebook express. Is it for briefing Facebook and the other companies products?

  6. 🖤Bvumavaranda🖤

    If there’s a link to a page where the other hotspot areas are located please share. I think the pricing is fair in comparison to mobile data plans

  7. Praise

    This is good

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  10. Nigel

    Ko haikwanise hre ku wedzerwa meter range yacho

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