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Do you have an SA DStv account? You can watch all SuperSport channels for free this weekend

South Africans are starting the weekend early as it’s Heritage day tomorrow so today is the last day they are going to work. There is also a bit of cheer for them and those Zimbabweans who “illegally” have DStv South African accounts-you can watch all SuperSport channels for free no matter what your package is during the long weekend.

This “open” window period will start tomorrow, the 24th and end on Sunday the 26th. In order for you to be able to watch the Supersport Channel, you will need an active South African DStv subscription. The package doesn’t matter so long as your account is paid up. You can be on Access or be on Compact plus and still be able to watch the channels. These channels will be open both on decoders and on the DStv Now app which means you can also stream them if you want.

The SuperSport channels that will be open are as follows:

  • SuperSport Blitz (Channel 200)
  • SuperSport PSL (Channel 202)
  • SuperSport Premier League (DStv channel 203)
  • SuperSport (DStv channel 204)
  • SuperSport Football (DStv channel 205)
  • SuperSport Variety 1 (DStv channel 206)
  • SuperSport Variety 2 (DStv channel 207)
  • SuperSport Variety 3 (DStv channel 208)
  • SuperSport Variety 4 (DStv channel 209)
  • SuperSport Action (DStv channel 210)
  • SuperSport Cricket (DStv channel 212)
  • SuperSport Golf (DStv channel 213)
  • SuperSport Tennis (DStv channel 214)
  • SuperSport Motorsport (DStv channel 215)
  • WWE (DStv channel 128)
  • GINX (DStv channel 127)
  • ESPN 1 (DStv channel 218)
  • ESPN 2 (DStv channel 219)

It’s not just altruisim

This is not just altruism on the part of Multichoice. As said here countless times they are facing real steep competition from streaming services especially in South Africa where the internet is relatively affordable. This is Multichoice flexing their muscle by using something Netflix and co will never be able to, which is providing live sporting events.

This will make those on lower packages see what they are missing and hopefully make some of them upgrade to DStv Premium. Premium is the package that has suffered the most. Individuals who can pay for Premium also happen to be affluent enough to be able to afford to stream using other providers such as Britbox, Prime and Netflix. It’s that segment that Multichoice is eager to keep.

Zimbos are just looking to save

Even though Multichoice has spoken against the practice of having DStv South African accounts in Zimbabwe it will be hard for them to stamp out this practice. There is a wide gulf compared to what Zimbabweans pay and what South Africans pay. A lot of Zimbabweans, therefore, have South African DStv accounts even though they are in Zimbabwe.

This is not officially supported but thanks to a strong Zimbabwean presence in South Africa this is not an issue for most people. There are “agents” who make payments if one doesn’t have a friend or relative in Mzansi. Most of the time it’s not even necessary, there is always someone in South Africa who is looking to send money to their relative in Zimbabwe and doesn’t want to pay a Money Transfer Agent. They pay for you and you give the money to someone in Zimbabwe. Neither of you gets to pay any fees.

Again it’s illegal but most Zimbabweans stopped caring about certain laws a long time ago. We after all live in a country where stuff can be illegal this morning, legal tomorrow and highly illegal the following day. So people just go about their business as best as they know-how in such circumstances.

Disclaimer-You need to abide by the law in whatever you do. Nothing in here is meant to encourage you to break the law.

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7 thoughts on “Do you have an SA DStv account? You can watch all SuperSport channels for free this weekend

  1. Hmmm the window begins on the 24th hmmm mine hasn’t opened other supersport channels except the ones already on my bouquet.

  2. Incorrect. Only available on the Dstv App. I wonder why this article was not corrected. Other African Countries never get anything free like Zim over our public holidays. What’s wrong with the top guy in Zim?

  3. Techzim, you really need to get your facts right before you publish. All SuperSport channels are open to customers across the continent, from Access package upwards, from the 24th to the 26th, exclusive to customers on the DStv App.

  4. duh, Garikai Dzoma ! get your facts straight first, you are quickly losing credibility and there are not a lot of people who will take you seriously going forward. remember first engage brain, listen/absorb info… then think about it… then you can talk and type ….

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