ICT Minister’s remarks on NetOne’s 5G mobile broadband plan

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NetOne NMM3 Phase 3 Minister Jenfan Muswere National Mobile Broadband

Yesterday, state-owned mobile network operator NetOne held an event where the National Mobile BroadBand (NMBB) Phase 3 was launched. This program would see NetOne install over 300 base stations across Zimbabwe including the capacity for 5G.

Below is the speech delivered by Minister for ICTs Jenfan Muswere:

Your Excellency, as your Ministry, we are fully facilitating the development of a digital economy. we will ensure that there is ubiquitous connectivity throughout the country through the provision of infrastructure. The launch of the MBB Phase 3 we have just witnessed today is the testimony of your visionary leadership in connecting the unconnected.

The NDS 1 seeks to provide ICTs and digital access even at the village level. This vision embeds Information and Communication Technology (ICT) across all national development strategies as a key enabler, targeting to increase investment in ICT development to facilitate a digital economy and universal access by 2030. Matt Mullenweg (Social Media Entrepreneur) “Technology is best when it brings people together.”

This launch of the MBB Phase 3 project will result in Network Expansion Growth and broad subscriber growth across the ICT sector, which will see new base stations constructed and installed across the country bridging the rural/urban divide.

We are grateful your Excellency, for your strategic guidance by initiating and developing ICT infrastructure and putting measures to ensure that we develop our ICT infrastructure to meet current technological trends including 5G Networks and this is part of the MBB Phase 3. Bill Gates (Microsoft) “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it is part of the everyday life.”

This project will steer the march towards the digital future that will transform the country into a regional technical hub and raise the country’s competitiveness while aligning the country with NDS1 ICT goals as you have championed. The vehicle’s you have commissioned will give logistical support to NetOne

Your Excellency, a country that does not innovate becomes irrelevant in today’s fastchanging world of big data, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning among other emerging technologies. These rapid changes in technology equally affect policymakers. The Second Republic, through your ICT Ministry, is committed to creating an enabling environment for innovation to flourish in the country by providing a forward-looking and adaptable policy environment.

Zimbabwe’s policy thrust, aimed at digitalization can only be realized through implementation of robust innovative and ICT driven industrialization and the MBB Phase 3 underlines your leadership’s commitment to a digital economy.

Zimbabwe’s future is digital. The Ministry of ICTs promises to revolutionize government services and digitalise all communities. Infrastructure provision, innovation and sector growth combined with worldclass engineering talent will be vital for the Smart Zimbabwe Master Plan.

Through this project ICTs will stimulate growth and development of Zimbabwe and in particular the e-government and e-commerce platforms. We are euphoric that this equipment will see the provision of reliable and affordable ICT solutions for Zimbabweans.

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