Local diaspora retail startup Imets cofounder gives more info on US$20/hr for drivers & more

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Early last week we reviewed a US-based local startup called Imets. The company moved into the diaspora grocery remittance space and is akin to Instacart which basically means that you can shop through the isles of OK Zimbabwe, Spar and other local stores, in the diaspora, for your loved ones back home. Or if you are local and looking to save time you can shop through the stores you know from the comfort of your home. In either case, the groceries will be delivered.

I had the pleasure of talking to Milton Shonai, the co-founder of Imets to know more about the startup as well as ask about:

  • Business model comparisons with Instacart and how they are fitting that into the Zimbabwean context
  • The growth that Imets has experienced since its launch
  • Is Imets following the Instacart route of prioritising growth over profitability?
  • Partnerships with local retail stores and their partner logistics firm, as well as the difficulties of that process
  • The US$20/hr that drivers would get if the app went mainstream that the Techzim community were curious about.
  • Driver and employee benefits as the company grows
  • Plans for 2022

You can listen to or download the podcast with the link below. Alternatively, you get a copy by sending the message “podcast” to 0717 684 274 on WhatsApp

You can download Imets for yourself with the links here (iOS / Android)

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