Giving Econet & others tax breaks is one way mobile data quality can improve

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The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) recently released its sector performance report for Q3 2021 and yet again data is king in the country with usage continuing on the up because of the pandemic. However in saying that, the quality of data has been iffy for a very long time because there are more of us who are using base stations that might be at capacity. We talked about the state of data in Zimbabwe and how the government can make it easier for mobile network operators, who are suffering losses, to be able to meet the demand for mobile data services.

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  1. Scorched earth

    Im more concerned about the quantity which has been shrinking over the years

  2. Geralt of Rivea

    I tgink tax breaks should only apply to Econet. They are the only ones who have made massive investments in fibre infrastructure through Liquid.

    I however think telecoms licenses should be scrapped altogether.

  3. Bandwidth Wars

    Given the current trends,It will take a very log long time for Zimbabwean data situation to improve,Just Imagine how expensive 1GB of mobile data has been since thewe started to use mobile broadband.The cheapest unlimited Fibre monthly package With a pathetic 5Mbps speed is well over $100USD which is more than a third of most people’s monthly income,what a pathetic situation !.In SA,You can get a pretty decent 5Mbps Monthly fiber deal for around R600 which is definitely less than $60USD

    1. Isaac

      We hope it’ll #Rain soon

      1. Starlink The Game Changer

        Or #Starlink


    Worldwide the cost of internet has dropped significantly, the biggest cost Telecommunication operator’s pay is the POTRAZ licenses, this cost is then passed on to the client. POTRAZ should reduce the license fees paid by Telecommunication operators thus reducing the costs of data for the struggling Zimbabwean . I don’t buy the costs of spares being expensive, Elon Musk is able to launch self-driving rockets into space and still provide 300 Mbps for less than USD 100. Biggest culprit is POTRAZ, POTRAZ please reduce your fees, taxes etc and help everyone. Make the use of unlicenced bands be truly unlicenced so that anyone can be an ISP. South Africans had to take the Authorities to court so as to get small ISP up and running. We need more competition in the internet space, far too many places dont have connectivity

  5. Econetsucks

    I don’t think econet deserve a tax break, they are the worst data network I’ve seen, and they are making up for their losses by stealing from customers

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