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Brand identity/branding has long since been a cornerstone of any company or collective. If your potential customer can’t distinguish you from a competitor or make you out at all, then sustainability is going to be difficult. This not only speaks to your logo or commercials but also of your internal branding as well as your products and services. To get a picture of what it takes to stand out as a brand or company I was joined by John and Elizabeth Murinye who are the founders of Zarura, a local brand strategy firm. They have worked with companies like Club Rozalie, Irish fintech firm Billout, Gomba Educare and many others. We explored the concepts of brand strategy, visual design and aesthetics as well as what makes a brand memorable.

You can check out some of Zarura’s work with the link below:

  1. Branding your startup
  2. Zarura Rebranding Zimbabwe
  3. Rethinking TelOne Zimbabwe’s Branding
  4. Rethinking ZTN

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    Thank you Techzim for inviting us to Technikari. We loved it! Valentine — you’re amazing. Probably the best editor and host in Zimbabwe.

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