16 A’s at O-Level, now this young Zimbo has built an e-learning app

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Takudzwa Nhongo, Kytte, e-learning app

Takudzwa Nhongo in 2017, went about trying to find the problem with education in Zimbabwe. In the year prior the ZIMSEC pass rate was 29.96%. To understand what was going wrong, Takudzwa applied to write 18 subjects for his O-Levels and came out of that with 16 A’s and 2 B’s. This was quite a remarkable feat and to achieve it he developed study techniques/models that he has implemented in the e-learning app he co-founded called Kytte.

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Local e-learning app Kytte is offering offline accessibility, bite-sized lessons & more

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  2. D1vant

    Literally writing every subject in the o level books…. I would think that’s a person subjecting thier mind to a challenge to see how it goes, glad he helped create a learning platform to help others on the how to pass.

  3. Tanaka

    I love the technikari podcast. Hope to be there one day. Listening to today’s episode, I couldn’t help but wonder how Takudzwa couldn’t be bothered to reply. Straight to the point answers and short. The interviewer really had to press and probe to get things out of him.

  4. Captain

    The guy was doing research , he wasnt an O level student kkkk the time he wrote his Os he barely managed 5 Os then affer college when his mind was more developed he wrote again his Os to garner popularity for his so called elearning app…when techzim want to push a service they spice it up whilst in reality it is just blah…code downloaded or bought on the internet a few changes then they package it as an awesome app