Second-hand car importers to pay USD146 inspection fee (plus duty)

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Anyone in Zimbabwe looking to import a second-hand car will now need to pay ZAR2,310.00 (or USD146) as part of a roadworthiness inspection. This starts on the 1st of June 2022 and the firm that was contracted to do this by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce is the EAA Company Limited.

The statement by the EAA Company about the second-hand car inspection fee reads as follows:

Roadworthiness Inspection for Used Vehicles for The Republic of Zimbabwe

Please be advised that the Zimbabwe Ministry of Industry and Commerce has appointed EAA Company Limited (EAA) as an accredited inspection company for a Pre-shipment Verification of Conformity (PVOC) program for the roadworthiness of used vehicles exported to the Zimbabwe from the 1st of June 2022.

All used vehicles arriving in Zimbabwe will require an EAA certificate of conformity (COC) to comply with import regulations on arrival at the Zimbabwe border (unless shipping documentation verifies the vehicle was shipped prior to the inspection commencement date of 1st of June 2022).

Pre-shipment inspections will commence in the following countries from the 1st of June 2022 Japan, United Kingdom, Singapore, South Africa, and United Arab Emirates.

Requirements for a valid EAA certificate Of compliance are:

– Vehicle age limits

•Cars. Motorcycles and light commercial less than 5 tonnes within 10 years (date of manufacture)

•Commercial vehicles 5 tonnes or more no age limit ORight-hand drive.

– Cars with tampered mileage are not allowed.

– Roadwonhiness Inspection Conform to Zimbabwe National Standards, and other International Standards

[Application and Inspection procedure]

(1) Please send through your booking via email (Please note that the inspection cannot be conducted where there are no vehicle documents)

(2) We will Email an invoice by return. AVI will confirm the inspection place, the vehicle details, and the date of inspection. etc after payment is received

(4) The inspection will be conducted as per details agreed

(5) After the inspection is completed. application will be processed and certificate issued if vehicle has passed. Turnaround time will be +/- 2 days until delivery of certificate

[Inspection charge – South Africa Inspection]

Inspection charge (A flat rate per unit. regardless of size or model)

Inspection fee (per unit)

ZAR2,310.00 plus VAT – (Including tax and Government administration fee)

[Inspection Start Date]

1st June 2022

(via The Zimbabwe Mail)
Ministry of Commerce and Industry Inspection Fee for Second hand cars

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This new inspection fee for second-hand cars follows SI 89 of 2021 which banned the importation of used vehicles over the age of 10 years. We discussed what possible implications that statutory instrument will have on the ordinary Zimbabwean, as well as how there is no local financing or vehicle assembly (at capacity) to meet the demand. Additionally, we talked about how ZUPCO is pretty much the company to blame for why every Zimbabwean is scrambling to save for a car.

You can check out that conversation or download it with the player below. Alternatively, you can click the link here to access it.

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  1. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    Then you’ll hear one day that Delich is an affiliate of EAA.

  2. J. J

    ZAR only


    Gud evening
    Inspection will be conducted at South African side or here in Zim, So i have to get the certificate b4 I pay duty?

  4. The Empress

    The sheer ingenuity that our government applies to thinking up ways to take advantage of its citizens is sometimes quite impressive.

  5. Norest Forthewicked

    Ok, which party cadre does this citizen milking project belong to???

  6. . Comrade Truth

    Imagine paying road worthy test for your car to enter a country where 90%of the roads are not drive worthy, yeah kana nyadzi team iri harina.

  7. Bill

    I wonder who the “owner” of the inspection company is????

  8. Wilbert Zvawanda

    Another money heist$. Roadworthy cars to be driven on worthless roads. In churches this is what we call Mweya wetsvina and whoever brought the idea is Satan himself

  9. NotYetUhuru

    Each new SI, each new regulation, each new Act is simply meant to further squeeze the poor citizen. If all these taxes and levies were going to the right place our government would never run a deficit.

    Munhu asina nyadzi is the worst type of person you will ever meet.

  10. Kwazie

    Register to vote!!!