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ZOL is now officially Liquid Home & has 60 new LTE base stations

Liquid Home

ZOL, today unveiled its new brand identity – Liquid Home Zimbabwe. This rebrand follows the evolution of Liquid Telecom becoming Liquid Intelligent Technologies, a business of Cassava Technologies. ZOL was the only arm of Liquid that hadn’t yet come under the new brand umbrella.

ZOL to become “Liquid Home” in the not too distant future

You can check out the Liquid Home launch event with the player below. Alternatively you can watch it on YouTube with the link here

As part of this rebrand, Liquid Home Zimbabwe says it will ensure the seamless transfer of all customer accounts from ZOL to Liquid Home. Customers will enjoy the same benefits they did under the previous brand name, and on the same terms and conditions as their existing contracts, ensuring no disruptions to the services provided.

The rebrand comes at a time when the demand for home connectivity has increased dramatically to cater for employees working remotely and children being home schooled. Liquid Home has also added a further 60 LTE base stations across the country to ensure that more Zimbabweans have access to high-speed connectivity right at their doorstep.

Since its acquisition in 2012 by Liquid, ZOL has increased its reach exponentially aided by the support and backbone infrastructure from the parent brand, allowing it to become the biggest Internet Service Provider in the country. In addition, the company has also ensured improved customer experience and engagement while continuing to deliver top-tier offerings that cater for the ever-evolving needs of the customers.

“The rebrand is to ensure the consolidation of Liquid’s consumer offering so we are identified as a single brand, under one name. The new brand identity will ensure streamlined service delivery and assure our customers of our continued commitment to offer uninterrupted internet services straight to their homes.”

Wellington Makamure, Regional CEO of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Southern Africa

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11 thoughts on “ZOL is now officially Liquid Home & has 60 new LTE base stations

  1. People won’t fall for a new name nobody is lured by that until you know how to price your data which seems to be offered by a Satellite riri kuMars ….#. kasmile kemunhu akubva kuZODSAT 😀

  2. Let’s hope they won’t be messaging or emailing me as i closed my ZOL account back in December 2019 although they still insist on messaging me

  3. Giys help me out. There’s a Combo Bundle on Econet’s USD Smart Bundles, how does it work like

  4. Where are the 60 base stations. We still getting poor connectivity in waterfalls w no solution in site being presented.

  5. I would want to know whether you now have networks in the Glenforest area as I was forced to suspend your services from the time I relocated to to this area from Chadcombe in January 2022. The reason I was given by Zol was that they do not have services in this thereby prompting the suspension of my account which I had operated for 5 years.

  6. I hope you aren’t counting mvurwi as your supposed service there is much poorer than your competitor

  7. Haaa internet mu Zim its still overpriced, for USD6.61 I pay for home internet unlimited package at speeds of 100Mb/s, for the same amount in Zimbabwe I am sure I will get less than 10GB with speeds less than 7Mb/s .
    Even the unlimited package is capped to a certain speed which is daily robbery,,,,, In short these internet providers Mukubira vanhu humbavha chaihwo,

  8. Have you improved the network or something else is happening cause these days its always up and down in Marondera. Did the transition affect the smooth running of your network

  9. Ini ndakatenga line ndikabhadhariswa neye bundle 15GB it was on 1 March after that I went back on 10 March again coz hapana chandakanga ndapiwa line racho handinakupiwa ndichinzi hazvisati zvaita heee network problem ndokudzokerazve musiwa 21 ndokunzi you have to apply for refund ini aikaka why?coz address yakaiswa paku enter musystem haiyo but how come ini ndakaendesa photocopy of my ID and proof of residency handiti proof of residency ino taura kwandinobva nepandinogara so.after all ndakuti let me apply for it ,the where saying live your bank account details and email address.but ndichibhadhara handina kushandisa bank ndakashandisa cash pedze ndoudzwa kuti refund inoiswa mubank up to now hapana plizz musatibirawo nenzira dzakadaro ini yangu mari ndoida back plizzzz

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