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Local startup will do your laundry, house cleaning and meal prep, you need only click a button

Life would be hell without outsourcing. Modern society only works because we get to specialise on stuff we like while some other people handle what we cannot bear to do.  I know that if I had to farm my own food, I would have died of starvation ages ago. So, I deal with the eye […]

Locals creating platform that allows content creators to collaborate easily

Do you remember the old days where the set of people you would ever know were those geographically close to you? Yes, you could have pen pals from across the world but that was a a silly little pastime. Communication tech and the internet in particular really shook that up. It still feels like magic […]

HP Pavilion Gaming 15 review – not much better for the price, parliament should consider it

With the $9,200 laptops still in mind, we should look at the $800 one I have been using for a few months. The performance I am getting from this HP Pavilion Gaming 15 makes me wonder why anyone would ever pay more, especially $8,500 more. I will concede that there is someone for whom the […]

Econet Life micro pension fund was sorely needed but may struggle to gain traction

I wish insurance and pension talk was as fun as MK11 tournaments are. It may not be fun but we still have to have the conversation. Over 60% of Zimbabwe’s population is informally employed and without any pension cover. That means even when old age comes, most will have to keep working until they drop […]

Mortal Kombat 11 tournament and cosplay event taking place at Shoko festival, end of September

Gamers of Zimbabwe, the time has come to meet with fellow gamers and showcase your MK skills. And also to bring out those Batman costumes into the light. The Gaming Hub zw will be hosting a Mortal Kombat 11 tournament and a cosplay event during the upcoming Shoko Festival. If you didn’t know or had […]

Are the $9,200 laptops that the Zim parliament almost bought really overpriced?

What happened was that the Parliament of Zimbabwe needed new laptops and desktops. So, they went about acquiring the machines and naturally invited suppliers to bid to supply. They proceeded to pick the best deals they could get. Said the clerk of parliament, It is during these processes that two companies were cleared as meeting […]

Starlink getting better, to beam directly to phones and Zambia to get the service soon

We have written about Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet provider. The service is still relatively new but they are already making strides that have us wagging our tails in these parts of the world. Starlink’s next generation satellites are, to quote the man, “almost an order of magnitude more capable than Starlink 1.” Musk did […]

No, your WhatsApp calls are ‘probably’ not being recorded

“Some people just want to watch the world burn,” said our favourite butler, Alfred. If only that was just a clever movie quote. Unfortunately, this is real life and some people get kicks out of watching people scurry and scatter. The WhatsApp doom and gloom purveyors are still at it. There is a message circulating […]

Soundcore Life Q30 – the best value for money noise cancelling headphones

These days headphones are a necessity. I don’t know if it’s because there are too many distractions today or if we lost our ability to block out the noise. Whatever the case, a good pair of headphones will help keep the clangour out.  Now these headphones have been getting better and now come with features […]

Applications open for Magamba Defend Defenders $1000 Design-athon

Magamba and Defend Defenders are calling on you security experts to participate in a design-athon. You will be helping to innovate and redesign a digital security toolkit and you could win US$1000 for your troubles. Here is everything you need to know about the design-athon. Title : Magamba Defend Defenders Design-athonDate : 16 to 22 […]

It appears Econet are working on an app store of their own

One of the main innovations that made the smartphone what it is today is the app store. With that move phones were no longer limited in functionality to what the manufacturer thought up. Developers flexed their creative muscles and came up with the craziest of apps, everything from fart noise simulators to full IDEs. Today […]

EcoCash Junior wallet for 9-18 year olds is excellent, it was long overdue

If you are a parent or a guardian you are going to love EcoCash’s new product. EcoCash launched the EcoCash Junior wallet today. This new product is aimed towards children aged 9-18. But worry not, as a guardian you will have control over the wallet. The thinking behind the Junior wallet is that parents give […]

Play C-Trade Fantasy, you could win over US$1000 as you learn how to trade stocks (ZSE)

I’ve been playing fantasy football for years now. I’m not really good, I have to admit. This season I almost didn’t play, missing the first 2 game weeks. As a result I’m number 43,217 in the Zimbabwean league. There are 47,578 people in that league and the last guy is sitting on -49 points. Negative […]

The iPhone 14 makes me think smartphones have peaked, it’s incremental upgrades from now on

The new iPhones are out. My colleague talked all about them here. He thinks the 14 Pros are good but the regular 14s are a fleece. I don’t completely disagree, however, the iterative nature of the upgrades introduced has me thinking – have smartphones peaked? First, it was Samsung Late last month we saw Samsung […]

House of the Dragon, a Game of Thrones spinoff, blows up worldwide but not on DStv. Why is that?

There are those among us that held off on watching Game of Thrones (GoT). They fancied themselves architects of the counterculture, far above the lowly pleasures of the simple-folk. They paid for their ‘class’ though. For a number of years not a single conversation did not involve some GoT talk. These counterculturists thanked their lucky […]

Rolling down your windows uses more fuel in some cases than turning the aircon on

You might remember as a kid trying to turn AC on in your parents’ car and getting the scolding of your life. “Do you have a secret stash of fuel somewhere that we don’t know about,” came the rebuke. It was ingrained in our minds from an early age, you don’t use AC, you roll […]

PostMoney has (almost) everything needed to succeed in the domestic remittance market, will it though?

There is no shortage of domestic remittance options in Zimbabwe. By remittance we are of course talking about the transfer of USD within Zimbabwe. Every one wants in on this lucrative business. Zimpost has been in this business for a while. About a decade ago they launched Zipcash, a local and international electronic money transfer […]

Send up to US$30 for only $1 in charges with Access Forex for a limited time

It’s hard out here. We could all do with every deal we can get and Access Forex is offering a sweet one right now. They are running a promotion where you can send up to US$30 within Zimbabwe for only US$1. This promotion ends on the 10th of September 2022. This promotion comes at ‘back […]

Mobile money and POS transactions way down as Zimbabweans unofficially dollarise

Economies run on trade. Of course, if we looked hard enough we could find one self-sufficient man somewhere but most of us have to trade what we have for what we need. Money, especially paper and electronic money makes this all easier. The beauty of it is that we have a record of how much […]

TV makes some dream in black and white while Tetris players dream of falling blocks

I remember back in high school when someone snuck one of those ‘Brick Game’ handheld game console into our dorms. Man, did that thing get some usage. We played Tetris like our lives depended on it. While we enjoyed ourselves, this Tetris-fest came with a price- the dreams. We played Tetris on a Brick Game […]

Buddie Beatz has had an unimpressive 2 million downloads in 10 years, do you use the service?

I love music. It’s the one art form I consume the most, by a mile. I could not have picked a better time to be alive as a music lover. Streaming has put millions of songs from all across the world in my ear. This is nuts and I’m old enough to remember when this […]

You can pay using OneMoney from any POS now, is this a game changer?

You have heard the news, you can now pay straight from your OneMoney mobile money wallet via Point of Sale. This means wherever you find a POS machine you don’t have to ask if they accept OneMoney, they do now. Zimswitch allows for this. The market leader, EcoCash, does not have this kind of integration. […]

FIFA’s offside tech involves cameras that track 29 data points on each player and a ball with a sensor

You know those jokes about nerds/geeks vs jocks. Movies made it seem like there is no place in the sports world for geeky talk. That’s not quite the case. Today we talk about something that I know that you, dear sport hater, will love. There is some pretty cool tech that FIFA will be introducing […]

The UN coaching govts on how to stifle cryptocurrencies makes me mad

You might not understand what the fuss about cryptocurrencies is all about. Or maybe you understand but find it all rather ridiculous. Either way, you have to concede they are not going anywhere any time soon. You might have to dip your toes into those waters at some point. Not if the United Nations has […]

Bulawayo startup tackles ride-hailing using different revenue model that’s cheaper for drivers

Zimbabwe may be a small country but you often find that we have vastly different experiences in different locations. Those who don’t travel much will be surprised to hear that the Harare experience can feel worlds apart from even the second largest city, Bulawayo’s. Apparently, the ride hailing industry in Bulawayo is not what it […]

NetOne posted losses despite 96% revenue growth in 2021, failing to meet targets in 2022

We don’t usually get to peek behind the curtain at NetOne. And even when we do, we don’t get to look under the carpets. We have to work with what we get. NetOne recently held their annual general meeting and we now have a better picture of what their 2021 was like. Inflation adjusted profit […]

EcoCash FCA now cheaper to use, no more cash in/cash out taxes

The domestic remittance playing field has been leveled. The regulations that only applied to EcoCash have been repealed. Earlier this week we talked about how crazy it was that only EcoCash had to collect 4% tax on cash-ins and cash-outs. The bizarre scenario meant we were paying close to 12% of the transaction amount to […]

Online forex traders, there’s a new broker with Zim-specific solutions in the market now

I’ve always been fascinated by the forex trade world. The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world, by a huge margin. Where stocks traded per day reach around $200 billion globally, on the forex market over $5 trillion is traded. No wonder the Zim government is failing to rid our streets […]

They are now printing solar panels on paper like newspapers, would be great for Zim

These scientists are always cooking up crazy stuff man. I’m glad this time around they are working on something that would be a complete game changer in these parts of the world – solar. Don’t get me wrong, I love the folding phones and the other completely unnecessary but cool tech we see. However, solar […]

If you’re sending USD don’t cash into EcoCash, use the vouchers instead

EcoCash has been in the domestic remittance game for a while now. In the service’s over a decade life, competition has never been stiffer. What was once the no-brainer choice is now just one of many options. The regulators saw to that. As we speak, using EcoCash in the way we used to is not […]