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Zim banks villains again, too eager with bank charges on civil servants’ bonuses. Fair?

Banking in Zimbabwe is upside down. This is something we have talked about multiple times. Zimbabwean banks are so risk averse they will do absolutely anything before they try core banking activities. Now, we reach a point where the Ministry of Finance has to demand that they ease up on the charges. What have they […]

Getting a sub-par experience on Econet? They are not to blame, mostly

Back in September I wrote about the terrible experience I had on Econet and NetOne’s networks in Kadoma. I worried about smaller towns being left behind but in the comments section of the article, even Hararians made it clear they were facing similar problems. We were not crazy, Econet admits we have been getting sub-par […]

Econet: profits up 5259% as data traffic up 56%, voice up 29% in stellar half year ending Aug 2021

Econet Wireless released their financial results for the six months ended 31 August 2021. It appears the biggest mobile network operator in the country is doing quite well. Revenues are up, leading to profits, as last year’s losses are put firmly in the rear view mirror.  Revenues up 95% to ZWL$29.6 billion As lockdowns were […]

In 8 years time, Zimbabwean annual income per citizen should be over US$5000. Are we making progress?

They say you can’t succeed without vision and you can’t realise your vision without goals. The Zimbabwean govt has a vision and it has goals. The dream is for Zimbabwe to be an upper middle income economy by 2030. The vision is thus aptly named ‘Vision 2030.’  Of course, the govt knows that to say […]

Guy hacks UZ and allocates accommodation to students, netting US$3000 in the process

It’s fitting that on the day we are celebrating Computer Security Day we talk about the hacking of UZ. It is reported that one Martin Magomana (36) unlawfully gained access to the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) computer network recently. We are not sure how much access he had and so cannot know the full extent […]

As we celebrate Computer Security Day let’s remind each other of these good habits

Every single one of us relies on some computer for our daily activities. For some, work means sitting in front of a computer. And with the work-from-home shift, this number is quite large now. For some, entertainment is the goal in this era of social distancing and limited gatherings. So pocket computers have been a […]

iPhone gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, can’t be ignored anymore

The iPhone is a wildly popular smartphone. The iPhone has been the best selling flagship smartphone for years and is Apple’s chief revenue generating product. However, most of that success comes from their home country and a few other key markets. Here in Africa, they have not been nearly as successful. However, it seems Zimbabweans […]

It is real, the document where Mthuli Ncube proposes US$50 duty on every new phone and increases withholding tax

On the 25th of November, the Minister of Finance, Dr Mthuli Ncube released the national budget for 2022. There weren’t many surprises and it all read like we expected. As a result, this budget did not attract much conversation and didn’t even trend on Twitter. However, one little snippet of a new tax did manage […]

Android 10 still most popular (in Zim too,) even as Android 12 is rolling out

Zimbabwe, like all of Africa, is Android country. Just over 85% of the mobile devices in the country run Google’s Android operating system. That is no surprise, Android is great. It is also helped by the fact that there are many options, at every single price point. Whatever your budget, there is an Android phone […]

123456 and other weak passwords of 2021, surely we can do better

Several security researchers have released their findings on the most common passwords of 2021. It appears that the message is not getting through because the same weakest of the weak passwords are still the most common.  Just to make it clear just how terrible they are, Nordpass has gone further and included the time it […]

Davido raised US$486,000 in 2 days just playing around on Twitter. I’m taking notes

For those not in the know, Davido is an internationally popular Afrobeat musician from Nigeria. He has performed in Zimbabwe in the past and has a collaboration with our very own Jah Prayzah (who is not doing too bad himself). So, Davido was on Twitter one day and was feeling a little ‘playful’ and sent […]

Sharing specific highlights from web pages and tab search now awesome in Chrome

There is a fresh update to the Google Chrome browser and this is one you might want to get sooner rather than later. I understand the reluctance to update, we have lost features to updates before but in this case we gain a few good ones. Do not panic if the update is not yet […]

Zim govt both restrained and carefree in its spending. Civil servants get short end of the stick.

We expect the National Budget for 2022 to be released soon. As expected, there was a pre-budget seminar where we found out how we did with the 2021 one. Parliament also got to interact with the Ministry of Finance on the upcoming one. There were some interesting revelations from the seminar, especially as regards payments, […]

Not even YouTube co-founder was fan of removing dislike counter, looks like it’s back

They are smoking the strong stuff over at YouTube HQ. For some reason they came out and announced they would be removing the dislike counter on videos. They said we would still be able to dislike videos, just that we wouldn’t be able to tell how many other people had disliked it too. Only the […]

Zim govt looking at central bank digital currency, what is that and why won’t it fix our problems

For a brief period of time, it appeared the Zimbabwean govt was going to adopt cryptocurrencies into the economy and that had us salivating a little. They then yanked that rug from beneath our feet. Turns out they are looking at Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and those are infinitely less exciting for us. We […]

Road Angels has new mobile app, let’s talk about apps

For the three out there who don’t know, Road Angels is a roadside assistance company. A towing company in simple terms. If you ever have problems with your vehicle while on the road, it’s one of the companies you want to have on speed dial. If you have that ex-Jap approaching 200,000km on the odometer, […]

Zim has much in common with country which made bitcoin legal tender, so…

We thought the Zimbabwean government was looking at the possibility of adopting cryptocurrencies. They clarified their position, they most definitely are not. Instead, they are looking at central banking digital currencies. For a second there we got excited but we all kind of knew that wasn’t going to happen. The govt is not thinking about […]

Big Brother is watching: the govt’s social media prefects are back

There truly is nothing new under the sun. Not even in a dynamic place like the little teapot we call home, Zimbabwe. It was only a few years ago that we were making fun of the former finance minister, Chinamasa, when he was made ‘social media prefect.’ Turns out his legacy lives on, the social […]

Want to delete a message you sent a year ago? WhatsApp working on it

This is one of the things that annoys me about WhatsApp. They take too long to give us some of the nifty little peace of mind features we want. They were late to give us the ability to delete the messages we had already sent. And when they did allow us to ‘Delete for everyone,’ […]

Copy and paste between Windows and Android now possible

Oh my friend, our technology masters keep sweetening the deal for us. I know most of us Zimbabweans have Android phones and Windows PCs. To be honest, we have been a smidge jealous of our Mac/iOS users and the way the devices link together. However, bit by bit, Windows and Android are becoming best buds, […]

New tech to be excited about: iPhone 13 and Fold 3, Flip 3

We closed out October and what a month it was for us tech lovers. Device manufacturers were scrambling to get their wares out in time for the festive season. So, we got treated to some sweet devices and tasty technologies. Over here in Zimbabwe, we don’t buy nearly enough to be a focus for these […]

After Techtober, new and exciting tech: Android 12, Pixel and Tensor

We closed out October and what a month it was for us tech lovers, hence Techtober. Device manufacturers were scrambling to get their wares out in time for the festive season. So, we got treated to some sweet devices and tasty technologies. Over here in Zimbabwe, we don’t buy nearly enough to be a focus […]

Let us discuss the impact of the airtime recharge card phase out

In Liam Neeson’s voice, “whoever you are, wherever you are, if you’re participating in the foreign currency parallel market, we will find out how you are doing it and we will kill it, the loophole you’re exploiting that is,” says the Zimbabwean government. Seems they are serious too. Physical airtime recharge cards will soon be […]

Cassava results: EcoCash revenue drops by $5bn, Steward Bank’s by $1.4bn in tough year

Cassava SmarTech (trading as EcoCash Holdings) released the audited financial statements for the year ended 21 February 2021. These are the statements that were delayed resulting in the suspension of the trading of Cassava shares on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) for a few weeks. The delay was because of technical accounting issues as we […]

Samsung failing to meet demand for foldable smartphones

Mark this year as the year of the foldables. Back in August Samsung released the third iterations of its foldable phones, turns out third time’s the charm. People seem to like this year’s releases and the sales figures are reflecting that.  The two smartphones they released this year are the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and […]

Terragraph: Facebook’s ‘wireless fibre technology’ is what Africa needs

The West is quick to pounce on Facebook for each and every infraction. However, here in Africa we have a little more reason to appreciate the social media giant. Facebook has spent a fortune trying to fix global connectivity challenges we face where billions are still cut off. The Facebook Connectivity division of the group […]

Attention Spaces creators: Twitter now supporting select Spaces financially

Twitter has launched a Twitter Spaces Spark Program which will initially be a three-month accelerator program that is “designed to discover and reward great Spaces on Twitter with financial, technical, and marketing support.” As all social media platforms have realised, if there is no compelling content, there won’t be any users. It is sad to […]

No Dr Mthuli, we can’t keep blaming EcoCash and mobile money for depreciating dollar

A scapegoat is a goat upon whose head the sins of the people are placed. The goat itself is sinless and yet it has to bear the sins of the people. The Zimbabwean government is looking for a goat to place the local currency collapse sin on.  Every day a potential goat is identified and […]

InnBucks: the loyalty and rewards program which introduces a compelling new currency

The most annoying problem for businesses and customers when dealing with US Dollars is that of change. We’ve all experienced this, ‘for your 50c change shall I give you water or add some toppings?’ InnBucks aims to solve this problem and more for all Simbisa Brands chains i.e Chicken Inn, Bakers Inn, Pizza Inn and […]

Econet getting most revenue from each user, Telecel just terrible

The Zimbabwean economy remains hostile to business, more so with a pandemic decimating the small gains we had made. Business is run with a view to make profit and so it is with keen interest that we look at Potraz’s Q2 2021 sector performance report. Specifically on revenues and operating costs for the mobile network […]