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Fully charge your phone in 9 minutes? OPPO says why not with 240W fast charging

OPPO is at it again with their innovations in fast charging. At Mobile World Congress 2022 they announced a 150W SuperVOOC fast charging standard that will debut in a OnePlus phone in the second quarter this year. With this crazy fast charging, you will be able to charge a phone with a 4500mAh battery from […]

Beats Studio Buds. Overpriced

The beats studio buds are in the building and on the box it says made for AppleTV, iPhone and iPad. So yeah. Here is an iphone. And this is what they mean. Pairing To pair with an iPhone all you have to do is open the case and the iPhone will detect them and ask […]

HP Pavilion 15 Gaming. Gaming PC Lite

I call this one an OMEN lite because, well, same design with the sharp angles and also an overdose on the hulk juice with the green accents. It’s the HP Pavilion gaming. But is it though? Exterior It’s a stealthy look. Matte black all round with a little green for the Pavilion and another one […]

GTeL Infinity 10 review. Pleasant surprises

In terms of design we have very minor visual changes. I mean you’d be forgiven to say it’s the same design but again, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Exterior Design It’s a little bit bigger than the Infinity 9. 6.7 inch display from the 6.5 inch on the Infinity 9 and it’s also […]

MacBook 16 Pro vs Asus Zephyrus M16. Apple Vs Windows

This is a comparison between a MacBook 2019 and an Asus ROG Zephyrus M16. We look at the different camps and see the benefits and shortcomings of both. You should also check out Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking Car review: the all-electric BYD T3, a minivan […]

Android to iOS. Is the learning curve worth it?

So this is 1 month of owning the iPhone and this happened. I dropped it on my HP laptop and it left 2 dents…on a metal laptop. The phone is fine but a moment of silence for the tempered glass that had to break the fall. This is no joke my 1st time actually using […]

Tecno Pova 5G review. Flying too close to the sun?

It’s got a huge presence thanks to its sheer size. Bags and bags of performance thanks to that Dimensity 900 CPU paired with the superfast RAM and internal storage and even though the battery is smaller than it’s predecessor’s, it’s going to outlast almost anything on the market right now.

Wordle: simple game that even you might code went viral and then sold for over US$1m

What can one do to kill a bit of time? There are literally thousands of things one can do but how many of those are simple, a bit challenging, not time consuming and can be enjoyed with millions of people across the globe? Well Wordle is all those things. Wordle is a web-based daily word […]

Windows 11 on a phone. Dudes using cars to mine bitcoin! What the__?

There is a lot of cool stuff happening around the world and here I talk about some of that. There is no particular theme, just random stuff you might also find cool. Ya man, Jamaica pon di e-currency Whilst we drag our feet here in Zimbabwe, Jamaica will be rolling out its digital currency this […]

Apple’s App Store now permits unlisted apps

Apple announced last week that it will allow companies and developers to distribute unlisted apps through its App Store according to a report by MacRumours. The facility is there for applications that Apple termed as “not suited for public distribution”, and they will only be discoverable via a direct link or through Apple Business Manager […]

You can now download Pindula’s data free news app via WhatsApp

Our friends over at Pindula have been hearing from their readers that they don’t have access to the Play Store or that downloading an app from there is difficult. The biggest reason is that many Zimbabweans are locked in WhatsApp bundles so getting any application requires a general data bundle or Wi-Fi which are both […]

Tecno Spark 8P review. Is it just me or are budget phone getting better-looking

I finally got my hands on the Tecno Spark 8P and for an entry-level device, Tecno has outdone themselves here. Out of the box I was really impressed by the textured finished because some device manufacturers are leaning more and more into the glossy fingerprint attracting casings. Tecno didn’t get full marks in this category […]

Samsung to debut “most noteworthy S series device ever” February 9th?

Samsung’s first Unpacked event of the year is set to take place on the 9th of February 2022 and there has been a slight buzz around what the comSamsungpany’s president Dr TM Roh said : “At Unpacked in February 2022, we’ll introduce you to the most noteworthy S series device we’ve ever created. The next […]

The Pixel 6 Pro is off my wanted list for ridiculously buggy experience

In the last quarter of 2021 Google released its latest flagship smartphone, the Pixel 6 Pro. To say it was a hit with reviewers would be an understatement. The Pixel was showered with praise from all corners of the world. It appeared as if Google had made the perfect smartphone and was ready to compete […]

Love gaming on your phone? You’ll love Samsung’s new processor with ray tracing capabilities

Samsung announced their latest Exynos mobile processor (SoC) and I gotta say, this one has me a bit excited. The Exynos 2200, as it’s called, is the first mobile chip with hardware accelerated ray tracing and as an avid mobile gamer, I couldn’t be more excited. But I’m getting ahead of myself. First things first, […]

20 awesome Xiaomi gadgets you can buy now in Zim!

20 awesome products that you can buy right now from the Xiaomi store. And the crazy part is the smartphones are not even the highlight. Oh and guess what. On some of these products you can buy them on credit too. In Zimbabwe. You can pay a 60% deposit on select products and pay the balance over 60 or even 90 days.

iPhone 13 Pro vs XS Max Unboxing: Past vs Present

Two lifelong Android Users have switched sides and are now on the dark side. Watch them unbox their freshly bought iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone XS Max. You should also check out Tecno Camon 18 Premier Review. Best midrange phone of 2021! Tecno Pova 2 review. Big battery & features Sony WH-1000XM4 review. Tech & […]

Apple’s Safari has a bug that can leak browser history & Google account info

Apple users on Mac, iOS and iPadOS are vulnerable to a bug that can leak their browser history and some of their Google account information. According to a report by 9to5Mac, the bug was disclosed by FingerprintJS, a browser fingerprinting library that queries browser attributes, and said that the vulnerability was found in Safari 15 […]

Zim inventor develops TV that doesn’t need a power cable, Is that even possible?

Zimbabwean inventor Maxwell Chikumbutso has reportedly created a radio-frequency powered television. This means that there is no power cable and the TV is powered purely by radio waves similar to WiFi and Bluetooth. “With an RF-powered generator embedded on a TV set, it is now possible for many people to enjoy watching TV whilst they […]

Smart phones? That’s yesterday’s tech. Smart contact lenses to take over

At some point we are going to have to say no to some of this smartifying. At this rate it’s only a matter of time till we have smart food telling us the acidity levels in our stomachs. But even that would improve our lives and so we would adopt it. Anyway… Bad eyesight and spectacles […]

Of the TV remote charged by WiFi signals and other long distance wireless charging devices

Back in 2021 Samsung released some impressive QLED TVs. However, the TV remote controls that came with those TVs kind of stole the show. Those remotes had little solar panels on the back and lacked a slot for the removable AAA batteries we are used to.  Instead, they had rechargeable batteries that could be charged […]

Google’s Home Mini ruined my life

Roughly six months ago I bought a Google Home Mini just to see what kind of utility this device would bring. A lot of people I know said that they can’t do without theirs so I tried it out and from my initial review, it wasn’t too bad. As the months wore on I began […]

I walked 2 489Km in 2021!

That is an average of 7.45Km a day. 223Km a month. An inside joke at Techzim states that I am the resident road runner and obviously that comes with a shoe bill worth some hefty chest pains.

OnePlus 10 Pro launching 11 Jan packs killer specs, so-so software

We’re still in the first week of 2022 but the gadget releases we have gotten already give us hope for the year. Technologically speaking, 2022 looks set to be a good year already. OnePlus is looking to get into the conversation early on, going against tradition and releasing their latest flagship smartphone on 11 January.  […]

Huawei Watch GT2 Major software update. All the new features!

Welcome to 2022 everyone and it’s new year new software update for the Huawei watch GT2. It just got a very major update that’s brought in a collection of visual and functional improvements

Tecno Camon 18 Premier Review. Best midrange phone of 2021!

The Camon 18 Premier is probably the most important smartphone Tecno has made since the Phantom 6 Plus. Tecno is all grown up. This Camon 18 Premier has a mature sophistication about it which, and dare I say, warrants the cheeky jab Tecno took at Samsung. This is the Tecno Camon 18 Premier and it’s as exciting as the Premier League.

iPhone gaining popularity in Zimbabwe, can’t be ignored anymore

The iPhone is a wildly popular smartphone. The iPhone has been the best selling flagship smartphone for years and is Apple’s chief revenue generating product. However, most of that success comes from their home country and a few other key markets. Here in Africa, they have not been nearly as successful. However, it seems Zimbabweans […]

It is real, the document where Mthuli Ncube proposes US$50 duty on every new phone and increases withholding tax

On the 25th of November, the Minister of Finance, Dr Mthuli Ncube released the national budget for 2022. There weren’t many surprises and it all read like we expected. As a result, this budget did not attract much conversation and didn’t even trend on Twitter. However, one little snippet of a new tax did manage […]

Android 10 still most popular (in Zim too,) even as Android 12 is rolling out

Zimbabwe, like all of Africa, is Android country. Just over 85% of the mobile devices in the country run Google’s Android operating system. That is no surprise, Android is great. It is also helped by the fact that there are many options, at every single price point. Whatever your budget, there is an Android phone […]

Sharing specific highlights from web pages and tab search now awesome in Chrome

There is a fresh update to the Google Chrome browser and this is one you might want to get sooner rather than later. I understand the reluctance to update, we have lost features to updates before but in this case we gain a few good ones. Do not panic if the update is not yet […]