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Africom Rebrands as it Makes Entry into Consumer Connectivity Market

We just learned that Africom is rebranding itself. The new Africom, a red one, will launch this Friday, 10 September. Part of the rebranding includes the replacement of the current logo with this new one here.

Zimbabwe’s Fiscalised Electronic Devices Program

About 3 weeks ago, Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Finance and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) launched fiscalised electronic registers and fiscal memory devices

ZELLCO Introduces VoIP Services

In an email yesterday, ZELLCO a mobile virtual network operator invited subscribers to register for public VoIP services. According to ZELLCO, the service is being offered by a local network called Gigatel.

Social Engineering as a Hacking Technique

Political science refers to social engineering as an attempt by government or private groups to change the views and behaviour of citizens. In computer security, social engineering is the art and science of tricking people into revealing confidential information

Clouds of Change, Your Role in the Clouds

Cloud computing and virtualization are bringing a paradigm shift for the classic IT function. Adapting your skills to the new technical requirements could make all the difference and ultimately increase your visibility and depending on your current situation, those clouds on the horizon bring welcome relief or are the beginning of the end to your career.

The Verbal POTRAZ Response on Line Registration: We’re Talking to Telecel

Ok, so three days ago we complained that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ will not respond to our questions about the validity of Telecel’s mobile line registration methods. Yesterday, we finally got something, a verbal response. According to Mr. Chiripanhura the POTRAZ finance director the official response was will be coming “maybe before the end of […]

Yeah, I Know Your Password!

Passwords are the primary way various systems, networks and applications verify that the user logging into the system is who he claims to be. This is why password security is enormously important for protection of the computer user, the workstation, and the network.

12 Reasons Your Zimbabwe Business Needs A Website

The internet is exploding in Zimbabwe, and already businesses are seeing the benefits of being online – Isn’t time you joined in? If you’re wondering what the benefits of a website would be for your Zimbabwe business, here are a few good reasons to go for it!

Econet Introduces Per Second Billing

Today, Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile operator announced that it has introduced ‘per second’ billing for its subscribers. The move is in compliance with regulatory requirements issued by POTRAZ earlier this year.

NetOne Makes Gradual U-Turn on Line Registration, Urges Subscribers to Register Lines

Since the directive to register SIM cards was issued by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) NetOne maintained in the press that their subscribers were registered. Statements like the following one in The Herald of 22 June were common: