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MXit, A Mobile Social Network For Africa

I’ll confess that I only came to know about MXit just a few weeks ago. I should have known it earlier, like a few years back maybe. In this age of Facebook, the influence MXit has on social interaction in South Africa is nothing short of a phenomenon.

Nominations Underway For Zimbabwe ICT Achievers Awards

Back in February this year, when the Zim Minister of ICT launched the country’s ICT strategic plan, he promised Zimbabwe would have an annual ICT Achievers Award program to honor Zim’s ICT achievers. Well, this promise is being delivered right now.

Econet To Explain Itself At An Expo

We’ve been following up some kind of response from Econet to the open letter posted here 4 days ago. We’re still to get it, the formal response anyway. But yesterday, we got something that might help clarify issues raised in the letter.

A Few Years From Now, It’ll Just Be Facebook

A lot of people I know, less tech savvy relatives and friends especially, have Gmail or Yahoo email addresses they don’t really use. Well, except to sign into Facebook. Roughly half of these people are in Zimbabwe, and the other half in the Diaspora. The common denominator with all these friends and relatives is this; […]

The Gaming LAN Tourney

Imagine a room full of high end gaming PCs and loaded with the latest Games! Now that’s what I call the sum of all dreams. This was the warm site that greeted gamers that managed to attend the gaming tourney a week ago. There was an appetizing array of games lined up, as was previously announced.

Open Letter To Econet And Its Founders

Firstly, I love Econet, its brands, and the founder to bits. Having moved that out of the way, allow me to openly rebuke the one that I love.

The Winners Of The 2010 AfricaCom Awards

If you have been following Africa tech news lately, you’re probably aware that the annual AfricaCom Awards ceremony was held yesterday in South Africa. For those of you reading about AfricaCom the first time right now, AfricaCom Awards are like the Grammys of Africa’s telecoms industry and this is the third year running.

Africom Suspends Adding More Customers Until System Is ‘Integrated’

Last week, we wrote that Africom was giving away free bandwidth to subscribers. Free, not because Africom loves giving away internet gratis, but some “outstanding integration aspects” sort of forced them into this not so desirable situation.

Axis Takes Delivery Of More Fiscalisation Devices As Deadline Approaches For Business

You will remember that back in August when talk about Fiscalisation in Zim took center stage, there was an outcry about the unrealistic deadline for companies to ‘fiscalise’. Business was required to change over to the fiscalised devices by the 1st of October. This of course wasn’t possible and the deadline had to be extended some three months.

Econet Subscribers Now 4.6 Million, Targets 5 Million By Christmas

This week, Econet Wireless reached another milestone in its mission to consolidate its top position as the biggest (and most profitable) telecommunications company in Zimbabwe.