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Alpha Media’s NewsDay website down. Malware compromise

We received a tip this morning that the NewsDay website,, may have been hacked. Web browsers currently report that malware (malicious software) has been detected on the site and that visitors are at risk of malware infection if they open the website.

The EcoCash launch event

Last night, we attended the official launch for Econet’s EcoCash mobile money service. Even though the event started some 40 minutes late, there was a series of polished presentations, the highlight being the Zimbabwe Reserve Bank Governor’s participation as guest of honour.

Mobile Moola, FBC’s ZimSwitch Ready mobile banking service launches

Last week, we posted that ZimSwitch was launching a mobile banking service called ZimSwitch Mobile and that it would start rolling out the service to banks before the end of September, with more banks following. Immediately after we posted that article, a reader sent us a tip that the service was already live at CABS.

Econet announces the launch of EcoCash

We’ve just received a press release from Econet PR announcing the launch of EcoCash, the mobile banking service. The release doesn’t disclose much about how the service will work. Just a bit more than what we found out yesterday; that a subscriber will not need a bank account and that the service is mobile network neutral.
New information in the release is that Econet has signed up some 500 EcoCash agents across the country, and that Zimpost,

Econet to launch Eco-Cash tomorrow. No Bank Account. Cross Network.

Econet is launching Eco-Cash, its mobile money service, tomorrow. The launch will be held at the Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare. Econet unveiled earlier this month its plan to launch the service before the end of September.

We have received some bits of information on what Eco-Cash will be.

Chamisa speaks to COMSA on Zim ICT ministry’s projects

We attended a Computer Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe (COMSA) organized breakfast meeting in the morning today where the Zimbabwe ICT Minister, Nelson Chamisa, spoke to the COMSA members on some projects that his ministry is working on.

Itllusion’s mobitones VAS. Our brief take on it

Not too long ago, we had a meeting with Nzwisisa Chidembo of Itllusion to know more about his start-up. The start-up is a mobile Value Added Services provider that has divided its offering as follows:

Umuntu Media plans to conquer Zim & other Southern African markets

Umuntu Media, an online content provider based in South Africa recently raised $1 million series A funding from Netherlands based E Ventures Africa Fund (EVA). It launched in January, followed this up with earlier this year and also plans to roll out similar portals for Angola. Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe very soon.

ZimCarSales, new online car marketplace

On 1 August 2011, a startup called ZimCarSales launched a new online car marketplace. It’s available on You’ve probably come across it in adverts in the press and some motoring events the startup is already sponsoring locally. We had a chat with the startup’s managing director, Nyasha Makuyana, last week and discussed what they have achieved so far and where they’re taking this.

Why Zimbabwe doesn’t have Google Global Cache yet

When we spoke to the Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA) chairman Troy Prinsloo some several weeks ago for the domain registration article, he mentioned that last year Google approached ZISPA with a proposal to have a Google Global Cache (GGC) in Zimbabwe. ZISPA’s response to Google, he said, was ‘no thank you’.