Techzim giveaway: Brodacom Plug ‘n Go device with 1GB data bundle


Last week, we posted a review of 3 internet (one of them primarily voice) devices that Brodacom is selling with their new mobile broadband. You can read the review here. Spiritage has availed one of those gadgets, pictured below, for a giveaway to a lucky reader. It’s called the Plug ‘n Go and its shelve value is $99.50. This giveaway unit will come loaded with 1 Gigabyte of data. The device will also come with a desk phone for making calls on the Brodacom network.

Brodacom Plug 'n Go giveaway

The rules for the giveaway are simple. To stand a chance to win, just do one of the following things:

  • Leave a comment (any comment) on this article,
  • Leave a comment on the article’s Facebook page update
  • Tweet this article and use the hashtag #Brodacom so we can find the tweet

Only one entry per individual will be considered. The giveaway starts now and runs until end of day Thursday, 1 December (at midnight). The name of the winner will be chosen randomly. The winner will collect their prizes from the Brodacom offices (so they can register). The giveaway is open to anyone in Zimbabwe. If you are chosen, we will contact you through email (a mention in a tweet, or mention on Facebook if that’s how you entered) and you must respond within 3 working days.


Ok People. We did the draw this morning (entries closed last night) and the winning entry, out of more than a hundred entries on the 3 platforms, is the 12th comment posted here on Techzim by Brian Paradza. Thank you all so much for participating.

  • anesu

    i have to win it,1 am in mutare so that i will give them a honest feedback(somehow ) of their service in Mutare.

  • Ted Von Beefcake

    Kabweza, can you do a review of all internet connections available in Zim (specifically Harare) comparing Aquiva, eCONET, TelOne, ZOL, YoAfrica, Africom, Mweb etc in terms of their value for money, uptime, speeds marketed vs speeds received etc? Which one is the best/most reliable at the moment to get?

  • Orion

    I think Ted’s idea is brilliant – I struggle with PowerTel at home and would like to see how it compares with other solutions

  • Terrance Mutizwa

    I hope they provide, reliable, affordable connections, we are tired of paying lots of money for 50% uptime from some well known isps

  • Sikefula

    ok,freebies are fine if only the sponsors will own up and pay,i.e,1 Dec should mean 1 December…anyway,a good start for them,well done!

  • Anonymous

    It is a good sign to see freebies being offered as part of a launch. Keep it up.

  • Dwhy16

    wow lets go brodacom,it’s time econet got a run for their money!!

  • L.S.M. Kabweza

    Thanks for the suggestion @google-84594f152ec97c1eb8b2409485a7bc0f:disqus

  • Anonymous

    Is this some sort of marketing strategy?

  • Bspreeth

    looks good I will see how it works if I win it.

  • brian paradza

    Well, that’s a great thing for Brodacom to do. I do hope they will continue investing in their systems to maintain the comparatively good speed (awesome by local standards) of 1mbs and also cover all major economic centers of Zimbabwe.

  • Anonymous

    These guys impressed me with their presentation at the Comp. Society meeting. I’d love to try the device out 

  • Berto

    interesting and competitive! lets see what they got to offer!

  • Nyazzz

    I want one

  • Calamata

    How much testing has been conducted in high density areas that are quite a distance away from town?

  • Tennyson Sigauke

    It is surely the way to go. I liked what i read on the review article.

  • Ngoni Matanga

    i have used one and it works, whether it be 3.9g or 4g i think its the best at the moment i the market

  • Sikefula terms of speeds,AFRICOM rules the roost imho…ignore their boardroom squables…

  • madziva

    we need a review of all the other services

  • Raymond Swart

    It’s obvious I will win it… Would be nice to try their services compared to all the others…

  • Tmutswiti

    Am currently seriously considering migrating to Brodacom because they SAY they have pop enabled brodacom email address with pop/smtp configuration. Africom is cheap but assumes 100% usage of webmail (unless someone knows how i can configure the Mweb pop settings to use my                                                                                                                    
    But ain’t they a bit pricey especially at $100 for unlimited data & voice?

  • Alfred Kuwodza

    yes, give the early players a good run for their money, and i hope you improved from what is being currently offered on the market. well come aboard!!!!

  • Ngoni Matanga

    fortunately enough im using this gadget at wek, i moved from Africom and i have seen a gret diffrence, almost seemless

  • Tendy Fish

     that’s a very tempting package, just need to know if those speeds and stability apply for the service in Bulawayo?!

  • Jspremba

    This is really what we want in Zimbabwe ………………………………COMPETITION. Those few networks in Zim have been killings us for real.  Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • Samuel Mukoti

    The service seems great.. prices must come down though

  • Lexus

    Please give me my prize this time…….

  • Kuxs

    I like competition, internet prices still has to go down in Zimbabwe

  • Sikefula

    …gees!,this is gonna be the most commented thread ever on techzim,… dont we all just love freebies-lol

  • Gurudrew

    Would love to check out one of these. The reviews seem good. I hope they can keep up the excellent service.

  • Peter

    Thanks Broadacom, another provider.Please review your prices though.

  • WinstonD

    This could be an excellent Xmas present!!!

  • Patience

    From the news that I have heard about Broadcom products, it seems like they are pretty good.  All I hope is they continue offering a good service and get to cover many areas outside Harare especially Chitungwiza.


    Ho Ho Ho !!! Broadband has finally come into our motherland Zimbabwe. Change is possible and Brodacom has brought it in Zim telecoms . In loving IT !!! .

  • Lurker133

    I’ve read the interview, and it sounds great, but there’s a lot more info I’d like to know. There doesn’t seem to be an active site for Brodacom so please post some info on how to find them. Or just email me when it’s time to come pick up the Plug ‘n’ Go prize! :)

  • Hon Ngole

    Surely I would like to test it.

  • Chikosi

    I think Brodacom after Africom has the most competitive rates a s well as a more stable connection. I use both the router and the desk phone and I have no complaints.

  • Black_knight

    I have tried Brodacom and in my opinion the speeds and stability are way better than Africom. Africom’s 1 Gb bundle, though cheap, it is not value for money, at the end of the day cheap is expensive. Brodacom is value for money!

  • Eng Kools

    I dont know which Africom you are talking about coz the one I know…eish.. I always receive complaints with their services. may be they are only offering a few that good speed

  • Morleen Pasi

    Its good that more companies are providing broadband.. well done Broadcom we look forward to a great experience


    good one 

  • KuraiMGT

    I think this is a cheaper solution to school libraries for internet, easy set up, battery and coverage of up to 20 connection should be a good starting point to bring connectivity to scholars

  • Kinaz

    i do also want to test brodacom, whats the way forward?

  • IQ

    I think Brodacom is a revolutionary company meant to bring relief to the people of Zimbabwe. U can tell from their competitive rates as well as their reliable Internet connection. I have tried it and I can testify that Brodacom yauya kuyipa guys. Just give it a try and have a say on your own.

  • Black_knight

    The words ‘Africom’ and ‘Speed’ are not synonymous. Combining them would create an oxymoron, like bitter-sweet, ‘Fire and Ice’ etc.

  • Gorez

    IQ u r very ryt u know bcoz we just want good and affordable service and nothing more. I was checking Africom and I can tell that their rates are as good as those of Brodacom, but when it comes to quality and reliability, i think Brodacom is topping the market.Econet’s Internet and worse still that of Telecel and waste still that of Powertel, are now down. I’m using Brodacom pug ‘n’ go device and i now have peace guys!!!! I can now do my researches easily without any hassles. 

  • Tafmak3000


  • Tafmak3000

    This is the talk of someone who wants to win, so patronising!

  • Tafmak3000

    It’s interesting how everyone’s comments are positive all of a sudden, I believe that the only reason Brodacom is fast is because few people use it, when this changes you’ll see how slow it is cable of being…

  • Tafmak3000

    Ok so at least you are not in the running for the competition, One down!

  • Tafmak3000

    I see you put your full name and all, You wouldn’t want them to miss you if you win huh?

  • Tafmak3000

    Now I believe the saying that goes “Dangle a carrot and all the donkeys will come after you”

  • Tafmak3000

    Oh Please! do you wan’t the price that much, marketing your soul to the devil already! there is nothing revolutionary about Broadacom yet! Many companies come in gunz blazing until they realise they are shooting into thin air with limited bullets. Let’s not pop the champagne bottles yet!

  • Tafmak3000

    How much are they paying you?

  • Tafmak3000

    People are so desperate they are playing nice! No wonder our politics is messed up! Too many two faced people who will sell their mothers for a dollar!

  • Lee Taaziva

    hey techzim this one already has one

  • Wonder

    Of course its a marketing strategy!!! What else could it be? They are in business!

  • Wonder

    OMG! All these commendaters are expecting to win…..

  • Brukainga

    Hope they can provide fast reliable and consistent service……..desperately need value for our money……First test will be a review from whoever wins the the free ones

  • IQ

    The problem with u Tefmak3000 is that u r naturally negative in your approach to life in general. U r already mistrusting something when u haven’t even tried it! U r those kind of people who just work on a ”wait and see” basis instead of the actual doing. Give it a try and comment thereafter!!

  • Gorez

    U see Tafmak3000, i’m into research and i really need fast, reliable and stable Internet.  

  • Nyamaz

    We wait to see that but u ought to learn that there is competition now on the market and they wouldn’t to rest these Brodacom guys. I see them still trying to maintain their standards. 

  • Widzo

    Those are just sayings and if u rely on sayings, u’l die a poor man bcoz some of them limit u to a greater extent. Try to be more object and be more realistic in your thinking capacity! Face reality and rest your facts on them precisely…

  • Don

    Chi-town “musha mkuru” is covered.

  • Gheto_fabolous

    the good part is most of the getho is covered 100% so dont worry abt kuwadzana,mbare,warren park ,budiriro glenview ,chi town u name all the getho names you want

  • Greg Chiponda

    people like freebies hey, this is one of the articles with the most comments in november at techzim

  • L.S.M. Kabweza

    lol! i guess we can disqualify him then… 

    kidding @737983505fd20479a9416d9dc1f7aaf5:disqus 

  • Chiko Mukwenha

    anyone figured how to make these devices work in Linux Ubuntu 10.04+?

  • L.S.M. Kabweza

    thank you everyone. this comment closes the giveaway. You can keep commenting of course but only the entries before this one will be entered in the draw.

  • Ngng

    So who won Kabweza? lol

  • Samuel

    coverage yacho yakamira sei?

  • 116 Clique

    Brodacom, hmm, quite interesting. Let’s see what they got.

  • Unashamed

    When are y’all coming to Gweru, we are expectant and waiting patiently!!

  • Tindoe

    Ndiani akahwina competition iyi?

  • Pablo Picasso

    256, 512, 1 Mbps. That was the last time I checked..

  • Jai

    Okay thanks :)

  • Tindoe

    When are the next freebies. I missed out :’(

  • Pablo Picasso

    You is a bit too late, very late actually :D

  • KCP