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Now you can shop from Choppies online

Without a doubt the internet is surely disrupting our traditional systems. We’ve been talking quite a bit about this as we prepare for our upcoming Broadband Economy Conference where these and other related topics will be discussed in full to help businesses leverage on this disruption rather than be booted out by it. See, the […]

Digital Future Conference 2017 Video

“If it’s not online, then it doesn’t exist.” That statement stood out throughout the conference, though implied more than it was actually said. It might sound a bit exaggerated, but this video will surely clear things up for you and help you see how it is not so far from the truth. The Digital Future […]

Steward Bank: A case study of old vs new thinking #BroadbandEconomy

I have just been reading the Financial Gazette interview of Dr Lance Mambondiani, the CEO of Steward Bank. I guess he is becoming one of the best known CEO’s of any financial services business isn’t he? I was skeptical about reading the interview initially because I thought this is just some spin but I did […]

Title deeds, what for? Flexibility in the #BroadbandEconomy

Some have called it the most important scientific and social advancement since the discovery of electricity. I would contest that the internet is bigger in impact than electricity itself. Yes, electricity is a more important discovery because without it we wouldn’t have the internet. However when looking at both in isolation of each other, the […]

NMB is now charging extra for DStv payments

This week, NMB bank announced through an SMS to their customers that they will now be charging extra fees for any DStv payments made in their banking halls. For manual payments, people will incur a $5 charge while subscription payments made via their NMB Mobile app and NMB Direct will incur a $4 charge. According […]

And the winners are…..

The yearly highlight of the ZNCC Annual Congress (#ZNCCCongress) is the National (Business) Awards Dinner. This year’s event has just ended today (Thursday 29th June 2017) in the Kalala Conference Room of the Elephant Hills Hotel. The conversation with some of the delegates here from the beginning of the congress showed me that the awards […]

Business has a voice, listen to it #zncccongress2017

The Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC) otherwise known as the voice of business is holding it’s annual congress in Victoria Falls from today up to Friday. Techzim is a proud sponsor and partner because we understand that forums like these are important to the development of a thriving economy. This is why we host […]