NMB is now charging extra for DStv payments

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This week, NMB bank announced through an SMS to their customers that they will now be charging extra fees for any DStv payments made in their banking halls. For manual payments, people will incur a $5 charge while subscription payments made via their NMB Mobile app and NMB Direct will incur a $4 charge.

According to NMB, it is because that when they have to process the payments to DStv, they have to pay with foreign currency e.g USD. And with the cash crisis currently affecting the country, it is hard for them to get the physical foreign currency. This means that they may be incurring expenses of acquiring the foreign currency hence they are now charging the people who want to make DStv subscriptions.

Here’s an image of the message and the explain which was seen on their website and shared on this tweet.





  1. Ginna


  2. Garikai Dzoma

    So much for the one as to one fallacy.

  3. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

    They are just fleecing customers. If you can’t acquire the forex, then just suspend payments. They are implying that they are “buying” money from somewhere or someone, which is probably illegal. Are there trucks/planes with physical cash that go from Zimbabwe to pay dtsv in SA? Besides that, even if you pay in actual US dollars the same charges still apply. It’s just daylight robbery. It makes more sense that they are trying to deter individuals that were using online banking to pay for no-customers DSTV and get cash. All this at the expense of legit customers.

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