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Econet & NetOne HAVE NOT partnered on a promotion, its a scam

They are getting very crafty…

“Sent my 6 digit code by mistake” text is from hackers trying to gain access to your WhatsApp

On your toes ladies and gentlemen. Vanhu vaya vatanga…

Screenshots: Twitter phishing attack on a Zimbabwean journalist

A Twitter phishing attack in action.

Someone tried to sneak a backdoor into code used by 80% of the internet

Had they been successful the fall-out would have been massive

Beware of new Android spyware pretending to be a system update

It reportedly steals data from a phone as well as having the ability to take photos with the device’s camera.

TM Pick n Pay loses ZWL$22 million to scammers

Scam or negligence?

Grace Mugabe’s name is being used in a “Nigerian Prince” or 419 scam

If it’s too good to be true, well… I’m sure you know how that ends.

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE

There’s more to come from Utande LTE and Dandemutande in 2021

VP Mohadi leaks: the tech behind call hacking, recording & voice cloning

We were curious about the tech that may have been behind now-former vice president Kembo Mohadi’s scandal and leaks

POTRAZ: SMS and e-mail phishing scams on the rise

SMS and e-mail phishing attacks on the rise.

SA Cybercrime Bill in conflict with Whatsapp Privacy Policy.

A look at the new South African cyber crime bill aimed criminalizing revenge porn and cybercrimes associated with Whatsapp.

Why Zimbabwe should be wary of Huawei Technology

Imagine our entire telecommunications at the mercy of a communist nation that demands nothing short of compliancy.

Download: Veritas legal comment on Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill

The Government of Zimbabwe proposed Cybersecurity and Data Protection Bill is being fast tracked into law by the Parliament. Below is an easy to read commentary by Veritas on the proposed law: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code […]

Govt Zoom meeting was disrupted by hackers

A govt Zoom meeting was disrupted by hackers yesterday. The meeting was being held by the Meteorological Services Department National Climate Outlook Forum. Proceedings were adjourned midway after hackers posted adult content on the platform. The permanent secretary for Environment, Climate, Tourism, and Hospitality Mr Munesu Munodawafa gave an apology on behalf of the Government […]

Report shows users on Netflix and other streaming services were targetted by hackers

Streaming has redefined how we consume content. The days where we have to be drip-fed episode after episode over a long period are quickly going. The convenience of having a whole season to watch has made it easier for users to consume tv shows at their own pace. As convenient as these services are they […]

Bulawayo based firm partners with Chinese company on facial recognition systems

In a report by The Chronicle, Bulawayo based firm Brains at Work Consulting Pvt Ltd has entered into a partnership with a Chinese company called Clou Global Technology to be the sole distributor of Clou Global’s facial recognition and temperature scan systems. Who are the players in this deal? Brains at Work Consulting They are, […]

Users running Windows 7 are no longer at risk according to Zoom

A vulnerability was discovered for Zoom users running Windows 7. This vulnerability commonly referred to as “zero-day”, is one that allows (in Zoom’s case) someone to commandeer a user’s computer and gain access to files or implant things like ransomware. Following the discovery by ACROS Security, Zoom has an update to protect users running Zoom […]

Zoom security flaw allows hackers to target users running Windows 7

Slovenian cybersecurity firm ACROS Security has discovered a vulnerability in the popular video conferencing software Zoom. Researchers at the firm revealed that users running Windows 7 or older are at risk of hackers gaining access their computers. This vulnerability known as “zero-day“, doesn’t affect Zoom client users running Windows 8 or Windows 10. Windows 7 […]

The doomed cybersecurity effort

The cyber security bill has been the talk of the nation for a while now. People are already misinterpreting several parts of it, as is common with legislation. Our focus today is not on the bill and its contents but rather the doomed nature of it all in the global scope of information technology and […]

Google removes apps found stealing Facebook login information

According to Evina, a French anti fraud solutions company, there were apps in the Play Store that were stealing Facebook login information. The malware was hidden in wallpaper applications, video making apps and flashlight apps. The full list of apps: If a user launched any one of the above apps, it would simultaneously open a […]