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How to avoid copyright strikes on audio in your YouTube videos

Every YouTube content creator has faced this before. A seemingly harmless background track is added to a video and uploaded to the channel. Then after publishing the video you are slammed with a copyright strike. And I have even experienced this with music downloaded from supposed royalty-free music websites. Even had to make some appeals […]

“RealArt allows us to expand our gallery into people’s homes” – Peter Kaunda, Artillery Gallery owner

In the 17th episode of Story Untold ZW we sat with Peter Kaunda, the owner of Artillery Gallery and self-styled Patron of the Arts. Artillery Gallery was established in 2018 with a mandate to shine a spotlight on Zimbabwean contemporary art. In this conversation Peter shares his journey from the inception of Artillery Gallery, the […]

“I want to invest in Zimbabwean entrepreneurs at grassroots level” – Fungai Ndemera, Checkup Health CEO

Fungai Ndemera is a successful multi-entrepreneur, angel investor business mentor and STEM ambassador. Fungai has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, digital transformation, culture and BAME ((black, Asian and minority ethnic) health behaviours. She arrived in the UK as an immigrant and could barely speak English. With her GCSE level and a Diploma in […]

Zimbabwe’s first ever musical animated series coming to a YouTube near you

If there is anything we share, it is our pride in being Zimbabwean. Listen, I know, sometimes we are ashamed of our country. But that’s like being ashamed when a sibling does a stupid thing in public. You still love them despite the embarrassment. I listen to music, like a lot. I put in at […]

[Video] Elevating African narratives through graphic design with Fungi Dube

In this episode of Story Untold, I chat with Fungi Dube – a Scientist turned self-taught creative solopreneur. She took the bold and scary move of making a career pivot from working in sports conditioning to now being a Brand and Visual Identity Designer. In my interview with Fungi Dube we discussed, 1) her journey […]

Soon there will be an official way to download YouTube videos on desktop

YouTube apps on various platforms already allow you to download some videos for offline viewing but those who use browsers have always had to rely on third-party tools and sites. That is about to change soon as YouTube is currently testing a feature that allows users to be able to download videos in Chrome for […]

Ktube Media Downloader lets you download YouTube videos easily on Linux

I always like to tell people about how I have been using Linux as my primary operating system for over ten years. I love Linux, I understand it, it’s free and above all, it fits my workflow in a way Microsoft’s Windows (with all its goodness) probably never will. That also means I love and […]

YouTube has updated its terms again, YouTubers take heed

Another change in terms!

New YouTube tax rules expose the folly Mthuli Ncube’s Netflix & Facebook taxes

In the end it all falls on the people…

Zim doing it big on YouTube in 2020

A look at Zimbabwean Youtube’s 2020 releases worth your attention.