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Despite the disaster of 2020, it has been a big year for Zimbabwean YouTube. The year saw several projects entertaining us with local quality content that deserve acknowledgement. If you are yet to check them out I promise to avoid spoilers as I give you a pick of some local productions to keep you entertained this festive season.

1. Wadiwa Wepa Moyo

College Central, a local film and television production company released the popular web series Wadiwa Wepa Moyo which premiered on the 12th of February. The web series’ first episode got an impressive 622,833 views.

The web series is about the teenage love story of Tawanda and Nokuthula with that Zim flavour we can all relate to. Like some viewers, I love the production’s integration of Shona and Ndebele into the dialogue, a definite plus for making the web series more engaging.

Season 1 ends off on a low note, with viewers wondering if the lovebirds will overcome the hurdles faced in their love affair. A definite must-watch, fans are eagerly waiting on the second season.

2. Special Class

Also doing big things on Zim YouTube is the third season of Simuka Comedy International’s Special Class which premiered on the 11th of August. The web series is centred on the mischiefs of the not so bright students and teacher of the special class. A personal favourite I have been watching since the beginning, I highly recommend checking it out.

3. Blue Roof

College Central hits us again with another web series, Blue Roof which premiered on the 21st of October. The comedy web series tells the shenanigans of university of students living at Mdara Beans’ hostel.

The first episode’s comment section is filled with praise for the characters that garnishes confidence in the rest of the season. A few issues with the first episode’s audio but that doesn’t take away from the content’s impact. I for one have to commend college central’s interpretation of the zim lifestyle that draws in viewers with its relatability.

4. Chillas

Junza TV’s YouTube channel brings us Chillas; a Bulawayo city original web series about the complicated life of young maths genius, Ten. He navigates love and the hustlepreneur antics of street thug Mlungisi Ndamul who needs his maths skills all while trying to avoid falling prey to the township he resides in. The series premiered on the 26th of November.

Comments from the first episode are positive; fans are for our protagonist Ten’s journey and the quality of production. The web series is shot and directed by award-winning film production company Ya-sibo? Media.

Still a work in progress

Honourable mentions are:

Local film; RUDO which tells the story of a young a lady who falls in love with a poor man whom her parents cannot accept as a son in law because of his social status.

My second mention is the web series, Zimbabwean Love Story. The web series tells the story of Zimbabwean youths who dangerously play with each other’s emotions. A classic tale of loving someone who has their eye on someone else. Written & directed by Willard Slim Magombedze.

Mind you I am very aware that most of the acting in my honourable mentions isn’t so great and the production side needs work but I give them an A for effort. It’s a starting point for Zim films, with all the economic hardships we face it’s hard to get funding to make quality productions. The important thing is we are trying and I am excited to see how we grow going forth.

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