World Bank’s Apps for Development Challenge voting begins

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Apps for DevelopmentIn October 2010 the World Bank launched a competition for software developers to create tools and applications using the World Banks open data. Developers were challenge to create tools and applications that either raises the awareness of at least one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), or contributes to progress toward meeting one of the MDGs by 2015. More about the MDGs here.

Details about the submission conditions, judging, prizes can be found on this Apps for Development page.

Today, public voting of the best applications has been opened and will last until 28 February 2010. The applications can be found in the Apps for Development application gallery where you can vote for your favourite applications. The World Bank is giving away $45,000 in prizes.

According to the World Bank, a total of 107 applications were submitted from some 36 countries. More than half of the applications are from Africa, Asia and Latin America.



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  1. Mark says:

    Some of these apps are actually pretty neat. Take a look at this one:

    You can draw a box over your roof and the app will tell you how much rain you could save in year. It will even tell you how many kg’s of Soyabeans you could grow 🙂

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