mLabs Southern Africa opens up for startup membership applications

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mLab SA

mLab SAYesterday, Southern Africa’s incubator for mobile startups, mLab Southern Africa (SA), opened up for membership applications. mLabs SA announced that the incubator’s head office in Pretoria will be opening in officially on 15 September.

To apply entrepreneurs can visit the url There are basically three types of membership: Community, Silver and Gold membership. The Community membership is free to join for anyone, but Silver and Gold membership requires the vetting process and members will pay some fees to receive structured support from mLabs.

mLabs SA is part of the Creating Sustainable Businesses in the Knowledge Economy initiative, supported by the World Bank. The Government of Finland and Nokia are also key sponsors of the programme.  So far two mLabs have been created, the Southern Africa one and m:lab East Africa which is based in Kenya.

mLabs will generally provide an space for tech entrepreneurs to gain access to resources they need to nurture their startups. The incubator will also open funding opportunities for startups while building their skills capacity and providing an environment for networking with other entrepreneurs.


  1. Richwell Captain Phinias

    Hopefully econet, telecel, netone, spirit age, zol, africom, powertel, broadlands, utande, STARTS SOMETHING ALONG THESE LINES before opportunity which is abudantly in their face is absorbed by international brains (those international companies who will come to set up labs to capture Zimbabwe talent).

    1. ★ Byers Design ★

      Completely agree. These “Zim Giants” so to say shold be scouting and investing in startups!!! Straight up!

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