Telecel unleashes mega bonus on competing networks, effectively reduces tariffs!

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TelecelIn a move clearly qualifying as “a first”, Telecel Zimbabwe has effectively reduced mobile voice call rates. Information we’ve received says the company has extended its mega bonus promotion to cover off net calls. Effectively, this means Telecel subscribers who get bonus airtime when they buy airtime credit, can now use the bonus airtime to call numbers on all networks. Previously subscribers could only use the bonus airtime to call Telecel numbers.

So yes, it’s a promo and likely to have an expiry date, even though telco promos locally have been known to extend again and again and again, eventually becoming the default. The effective dates of the promo will likely not be announced but sources at the company tell us it’s set to run for almost 3 months starting tomorrow and ending on 31 August.

The mega bonus promo basically gives customers the same value of the airtime they buy as bonus. So for example, if a subscriber buys $10 credit, they get $20 in total.

The move is likely to solicit response from competing networks Econet and NetOne in the coming weeks if they are fast to react, otherwise they’ll eventually watch subscribers migrate to Telecel. In fact, they’ll probably want to immediately assure their subscribers to not migrate as yet, while they ready their war chests. It’s more bad news for revenues for them, but great news for consumers. The joys of competition!


  1. Fourwallsinaroom

    How does this tie in with Mo-fire? Does this mean Mo-Fire 1c per minute will be across networks?

    1. L.S.M. Kabweza

      two different independent promos I’m guessing

  2. stillwill

    telecel motooooooooooooooo

  3. Chihelele

    Telecel Chikwapuro. Winter warmer chaiyo. This is great

    And their network coverage has so much improved that you get telecel almost everywhere in zim

  4. Farai Sairai

    Competition is good but one area I would to know is any news/information on Mobile Number Portability? Is there is a plan to introduce this?

  5. lupasha

    but internet speed is a bit slow in Hwange

  6. Pockets

    Telecel do have their subscribers at heart, this is a welcome move. with Econet having their buddy-zone, this is a initiative that shows that Telecel is a force to reckon with. Viva-le-Telecel, by the way does promo cater for international calls?

    1. Chipanga

      Its clearly stated that LOCAL calls only

    2. Alu Moyo

      You just us the main balance for international calls, and then use the bonus balance for local.

  7. wonder

    I am loving this!!! Econet is too greedy to join this , mark my words! Now I will only use it for receiving!!!!

  8. macdchip

    That doesnt stop me feeling how bad they ill treated Mahwindi plus the way they are playing circles on local laws.

    Clearly this is a strategy to buy breathing space whilst they are soaking the mud they got themselves into.

    This must bring into light the question of termination fees and further minds has to be engaged on why others are still charging greedily when telecel can afford to cut prices for extended periods at the same managing to pay there obligations fees to others.

    All the same, wero dhani!!

  9. MI5

    Econet and NetOne should be free to raise their termination charge because (Telecel) competing operators is taking advantage.

  10. mak2

    telecel irubbish munyeperwe.internet yacho yakadhakwa

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